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    Greco EGC 600 black beauty custom

    Bump for the little Greco that roars!
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    Does anyone really GAFF if College Football doesn't happen? How about the NFL?

    Yes, the large schools pay the small ones to help fill their schedule ,and that money helps fund things at the smaller schools. Really not having football is a big loss in revenue for colleges. And businesses on game days.
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    Stay as long as you like....

    Considering the size of that Orca, I think the dude needs a bigger boat.
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    Weird Noob Opinions

    This one for sure! It kills me they give up right away when they first get it and aren't ripping off hour long solos immediately. OMG, it's work?!?
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    Why do my Les Paul’s saddles not stagger or stair step like other guitars?

    Did you want to leave the saddles unnotched? I prefer buying an unnotched bridge and then notching it myself so I can set the string spacing and depth of the notches, but once it's on the guitar I do notch it. I've only set one ABR bridge from scratch on a guitar that did not have holes drilled...
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    Has anyone used SEA shipping from Japan to the US recently?

    Considering that is a very recent event I don't think that goes back to April. EMS was cut off due to the lack of international flights. Many countries closed their borders to international travel, hence reducing flights. I can't really blame anyone who doesn't want Americans coming in anytime...
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    Questions about spindle sander

    I did get an answer from Wen regarding this sander: They will sell you a 3" diameter drum and throat plate that can be used on it, in case anyone wanted to know.
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    Should I replace my PCB for old School board?

    I've had 3 with the PCBs. One was a HB SG and it had 500k pots and the others had P90s or Mini Hums and came with 300k pots. And of course it's all personal preference. Whether we are talking pot values, cap values or 50s/modern wiring.
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    Should I replace my PCB for old School board?

    Do you know the value of the pots that are in it now?
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    Need Advise : Orville by Gibson ES-335

    Will the seller show you photos of the neck pickup cavity so we can see the tenon? This and the custom I would ask.
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    Need Advise : Orville by Gibson ES-335

    I think so on the orange label. I'm also concerned about the serial number as I thought the reissues were 1992-1995 and that one doesn't seem to match up. I will admit I'm no expert on the Orville serial numbers as they seemed to use several different formats. Also different between Terada and...
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    Need Advise : Orville by Gibson ES-335

    I think that's one of the reissues. I would jump on it if the price is agreeable. EDIT: see later posts as I'm on the fence on this one.
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    Has anyone used SEA shipping from Japan to the US recently?

    The bass exceeded the size limit on SEA as well so both are incoming with DHL. They are expected next Wednesday. DHL does take a long time to bring me packages. I think it's because I live in the boonies because people in cities seem to get them faster. I made a judgement call based on what...
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    Hercules Professional 12" Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw vs. Dewalt DWS780

    They really are invaluable for home remodeling though! I have a big Hitachi 12" sliding one. But, I also bought a old farmhouse that needed every room remodeled.
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    Les Paul kit (body & neck) building.... with struggling

    I think that will be very difficult. You need a long 1/8" drill bit, preferable brad point. They are not expensive here in the US. Even Harbor Freight has some non brad point ones. If it's not brad point, try using a punch to leave a divot to start your hole.

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