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    If you could pick one representative for each decade

    50s Eisenhower 60s Beatles 70s Aerosmith 80s Hacky Sacks 90s Bill Clinton 2000s Here's where I lose track of anything. 2010s Gotta be Grohl, his presence was everywhere, even worse than Jack White.
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    Florida man uses old woman's credit card to buy 11 Gibson Les Paul guitars.

    He's just gotta be a member here. I'm gonna scour the NGD threads and piece it together.
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    Mid life crisis... missing the old gigs. damn I'm old!

    Reality kicked in years ago so I'm not expecting any kind of instant glory. I do still like to peck away at a few live solo acoustic things here and there. One way to stay fairly fresh is to have a few fairly recent recordings handy. When festivals come around the area I'll submit stuff to the...
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    Crap, I’m on the Ghost Hype Train

    I sorta dismissed Ghost out of hand years ago, just from maybe 30 seconds of an early video years ago. I was Next. I like the effort, though. It's good to see someone push through the early years and progress.
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    What is your Van Halen Tolerance?

    My tolerance for their records is fairly high. My tolerance for them is expressed more with their concert eras. 78-81 was pretty damn cool. After that it got intolerable for me, especially around 83 or so. Their shows were nothing more than 20 minutes of drunken Dave speeches and then a song...
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    Guitar center has nothing I want

    I'm the opposite. I love going in and taking an hour or two of their time, asking literally everything about the 10-12 guitars I'll ask to handle and try. Then I'll try out different amps, the whole time giving them the impression that I'm about to buy about 5k worth of stuff. I love watching...
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    Who knew the steaks at Golden Corral were so good?

    All correct except that I did my training in Ft Useless, VA. I've been to the Mutha one time as a fuel stop for a longer mission but never had the chance to get off base into town.
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    Bridget Fonda

    Quoted for everyone to remember who asked for it when it happens.
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    Bridget Fonda

    I'm as hot now as I was back in my 20s. Just putting that out there for the record
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    Who knew the steaks at Golden Corral were so good?

    I'm a sucker for a decent buffet, for real. Some I've been to have been great. Some others, however, have been life changing lol. Uggh.
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    Who knew the steaks at Golden Corral were so good?

    It was truly amazing. I mean, I've seen some shit before, but...damn lol.
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    It’s that time of year again…

    I'm sure Dionne Warwick and Eminem are sure locks. Probably Duran Duran, too.
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    Who knew the steaks at Golden Corral were so good?

    My best/ worst buffet time was in March of 96 in Watertown, NY. I was sent up there for a week as part of an AARMS inspection team. A couple of things made it pretty eventful. One is that Ft. Drum and the surrounding area had just learned a few days prior that it was not being closed down as...
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    Battle Of The Sexes 1973: Do you think Bobby Riggs lost to Billie Jean King on purpose?

    I might get banned for this but... I didn't watch the video. I mean I saw it when it was going on but didn't give a shit. But, I didn't actually watch the video. I'm a bad MLP member

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