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    WTF Fedex #@#%!^#$^#%^

    I double box everything and put foam inside and out for protection, might add 3 lbs to the package but make sure the but of the guitar is well cushioned and the top, this end up and fradgile does help if there is an accident from the delivery
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    Duncan Pearly gates plus

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    WTT Perinetti Relic Sc1

    cant see it
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    03 Gibson Les Paul

    great 03 gold top lester has up grades nickel tonepro locking bridge and tailpiece,50's wiring bumble bee caps cts pots, new nickel pearly gates set, 60's neck 9lbs ,new chrome tophats case very nice with schroud, shipping determined usa only,ppg trades for traditional with cash or cs strat...
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    Looking to contact Martin 5 string Hrnesses, do it still exsist? i tried using Sigler for a bee harness and was the biggest piece of junk after 3 replacements and now the 4th trash they wont do business with me or replace so that mone y is lost, in other words, HELP! i had a mssh harness in a...
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    NGD - 2013 Les Paul Traditional Caramel Burst

    I also have the 2013 caramel burst and wanted to know if any one knew the current value? I have a guy want s to trade me a mint 2008 Prs dgt gold top, I've owned a couple and couldnt jell with the neck pickup even with David Grissoms help on emails.
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    Les Paul modding question

    go to sears buy a nice $40 soldier gun and there are more than plenty very clear diagrams,i always hit my tip with a little solider first then it does take as much heat..
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    looking for lp for 22

    looking to trade my mint custom 22 (already listed with pics) for a good amber burst lp or simular standard. contact [email protected] faster!:fingersx:
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    Les Paul Standard Premium Plus AAA Flame Top Fireball For Sale. Very Rare $2000

    Trades.... Prs cu 22 ten top mint! Consider thanks!
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    2014 Traditional Premium Tobacco Burst

    have a mint cu22 ten top ten for sale if interested.. thanks
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    New Member- PRS custom 22 ten top on the block

    Not sure why its posting those pics lol! i'll try to clean it up.. these are all the same guitar
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    New Member- PRS custom 22 ten top on the block

    trying photobucket is giving me fits!
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    New Member- PRS custom 22 ten top on the block[/IMG] very mint custom 22 ten top in antique orange (retired color-rare) solid birds! Have changed knobs to new lampshades, tuner buttons from chrome...

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