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    WTB Fender Custom Shop Hardtail Strat

    Still looking
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    WTB Fender Custom Shop Hardtail Strat

    Looking for 1954-57 Custom Shop hardtail Strat. Must have ash body, 9.5 radius fretboard. Prefer two tone sunburst, Masterbuilt. Have cash and/or 1955 John Cruz Strat for trade. Let me know what you have!
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    ***SOLD***2007 Custom Shop Singlecut Les Paul Special TV Yellow w/$400 of upgrades

    Raising funds for a vintage Junior purchase, so this very clean '07 VOS LP Special in TV Yellow is on the block. This one has some very nice upgrades: -Mojoaxe compensated tail piece ($139) -Emerson LP harness with .015 & .022 vintage replica Bees and upgraded pots ($88) -Montreaux time...
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    NAD • 1990 Marshall JTM45

    Very nice! Congrats.
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    WTB: Gibson CS R4, LP Jr, LP Special Tail Piece

    Please PM me if you've got one.
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    Cable Up! Premium Quality Cables From Cutthroat Audio

    Cutthroat Audio offers built to order, high quality cables using premium components. Our flagship Royal Wulff™ is the lowest capacitance instrument cable out there. G&H Silent plug standard on instrument end. A beautiful sounding cable, especially when paired with PAF’s or P90’s...

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