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    Gorilla Glue ?......seriously ??

    What a fucking idiot. If her hair has to be cut off and never grows back I won’t feel bad for her.
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    Did you watch the Superbowl?

    Yup, I’m a huge football fan. Always have been. My team doesn’t even have a fucking name anymore but I still love watching football. My 15 year old son finally got interested in football this year so I finally had someone to watch with. I don’t give a shot about the politics part, if I can...
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    The best album of the 80s?

    Ok, so I tried listening to this Tears for Fears album. Not all of its for me but there’s some stuff I really like and I’m glad I tried it. I just got into new wave, I know, 40 years too late but I’m 40 years old so it works for me. There’s a lot more good music in that genre than I ever would...
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    The best album of the 80s?

    Simple Minds, great song...really great movie.
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    The best album of the 80s?

    THE best album would still be singular. Like “In my opinion Appetite for Destruction is the best album of the ‘80s”, would be my also happens to be a fact.
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    The best album of the 80s?

    I thought this was THE best album, not a list of shit we liked. In that case I’ll stick with Appetite for Destruction as my No.1 and add the following for consideration Master of Puppets-Metallica Suffer-Bad Religion Number of the Beast-Iron Maiden Raising Hell-Run DMC License to Ill-Beastie...
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    The best album of the 80s?

    Appetite for Destruction
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    Volume knob idea?

    I had a Tele with the 4 way switch and in position 4 I’d get like a volume and gain boost. That’d be pretty cool i think in a humbucker guitar but I’ve never heard it.
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    Volume knob idea?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have a dumb question. In the middle position both pickups are parallel to each other, right? What happens if you run two humbuckers in series?
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    Volume knob idea?

    It’s been a while since I sold my LP and I just picked up an SG Standard about a month or so ago. I remembered that one of the things that I never liked about my LP was the volume control for each pickup. I know I’m in the minority for that but it is what it is. I’m thinking of rewiring it...
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    Apparently this is a new Martin D28 Modern Deluxe!

    Can you get them to refund some of your money since it’s obviously been demoed...a lot? If you like the way it looks and plays might be worth a shot. In about 15 minutes you’re gonna put those scratches on the pg anyway. Unles you’re one of those freaks who knows how to play with their...
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    I just learned that this guitar exists:

    I really like that. I think what everyone is saying about the price nails it, way too much to try and see if you like something for the average player. Reminds me more of a reverend than a PRS, I’m cool with that though. Give me one with P90’s for $1500 and I’ll figure out a way to pay for it.
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    Beano pot being stirred again by Guitarist magazine

    I hope Kirk Hammett buys it and everyone loses their shit. I do love that album though, not as good as Layla IMO, but still a favorite.
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    It can be frustrating being an idiot

    That looks like an awesome amp. this reminds me when I was in my ship. My guys found a problem and troubleshot it all night with 1/3 of our system down. After watch and getting some sleep I spent the next 15 hours pouring through tech pubs and troubleshooting everything. I eventually got...

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