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    Amp/Effect Modelling, Ten Years From Now

    I have no idea. I do know that I really like playing though the Kemper at my Church, the Deluxe Reverb patch sounds awesome. Just like my amp at home.
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    That Pedal Show

    I really enjoy watching those two geek out over guitars and gear. I’d love to have a beer with Dan sometime, seems like a genuinely nice guy.
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    Pedal Trade!

    I’ve got an EHX Soul Food, looking for fuzz. Preferably a Fuzz Face.
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    That Pedal Show

    He was playing a 335 the last video I watched. I think he just prefers Strats, they are awesome.
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Just added the Nano Clone, don’t use a lot of chorus but when I want it it’s there and took the Gunslinger off for the Bugg Civil War Muff. I live that pedal too much for it to be in a shelf. And replaced the Full Drive 3 with the Amp 11. The FD3 is great but the Amp11 just has an amazing tone...
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    yeah, it’s Pitchblack mini > Gunslinger > Full Drive> Soul Food > Flint > Charlie Brown > Caverns > Alter Ego That’s what it is for now, I’m sure I’ll wind up changing shit around. Sounds good to me for now though. Whenever I get a chorus it’ll go between the Soul Food and the Flint.
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Latest revision. Added the Flint, Christmas gift from my wife, and took off the Bugg Fuzz. I love it, just don’t use it a lot. It’ll be added to the Bass pedalboard I’m putting together. I love the Flint, the harmonic trem sounds killer and the reverb is just awesome. Next up is another shot at...
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    So what did Santa bring you?

    My wife got me some new shirts, a new pair of Vans, a white pickguard and chrome knobs for my Tele and a Strymon Flint. I’ve been wanting a Flint forever and one of the other guitar players at church was selling his since he’s been using his bluesky. My son acted as the negotiator, he did a damn...
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    Anyone ever notice RoboCop is Pelham Blue?

    I thought he was silver. Loved that movie as a kid.
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    Critics don't like "The Rise of Skywalker". 57% on rotten tomatoes.

    I can’t read 7 pages of people saying that only the original three are worth a shit. I’m willing to bet that most of those people haven’t watched them since 1984 anyway. I love Star Wars, have since I was 9 years old and saw Empire, saw that one first by mistake, and I’ve been a fan ever since...
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    What country to take over the US?

    I ordered a cheesesteak recently and they put lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms on it. WTF?! I was not a happy fatty.
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    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    I’ve had 2 Snarks that me and my son share, other than that little rubber foot coming off once in a while it woks great as long as theres not a ton of sound, but I think that’s an issue with most clip on tuners.
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    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    I loved my CC, I’m thinking of picking up the Mini, i miss having an analog delay.
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    What country to take over the US?

    I know I haven’t been around a lot lately but who the fvck is this OP? Seriously, what’s his issue? I’m curious as to how many other countries he’s been to where he decided that this country is soo screwed. I’ve been to some shitty countries and some amazing countries. In the end I’m pretty...
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    What country to take over the US?

    I’m watching Empire Strikes Back right now, going through all the Star Wars movies, yeah even the prequels, in preparation of Episode 9. I love this shit. oh yeah, and the OP can fuck off.