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    Clark Gainster replica with R9 CME Les Paul

    I'm sure there is, I've seen plenty of Gainster clones on
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    Clark Gainster replica with R9 CME Les Paul

    Cool pedal, a nice match with my 50s Alamo amp and CME R9.
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    Aion FX - Azimuth overdrive pedal with Les Paul

    CME R9 with Carmelita neck, Wolfetone Dr Vintage pickups, vintage Alamo Model 3 amplifier. Loving this tone!
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    Mojotone 59 Clones- whats the scoop?

    Thanks man. The Mojotone stuff is killer.
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    Wolfetone's Whopping 25% Off Sale Until Further Notice

    I'll just park this here to help you all make a decision, killer pickups!
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    Vaughn Skow 1959/60 PAF style humbuckers

    $220 shipped, USA only. Details from website: • Vintage correct bobbins available in multiple color options. • Vintage red Enamel 42ga copper magnet wire, wound to position calibrated 59/60 specs. • Vintage correct 2.5’’ x 0.5’’ x 0.13’’ sand cast AlNiCo V bar magnets. • Vintage correct 1.5" x...
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    SOLD Gibson Custom Bucker "S" set (CME exclusive)

    These were removed from my Chicago Music Exchange Kindred Burst Fade VOS R9. These can't be purchased from Gibson and are exclusive to CME Custom Shop Les Pauls. They have alnico III magnets are underwound 10-15% per CME specs for a brighter vintage tone. I'm selling these to offset the cost of...
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    Vaughn Skow 1957 PAF humbucker set

    Thanks! These pickups are amazing, I def recommend them. Currently I have the Vaughn Skow 59/60 in my Les Paul. I may install the Vaughn Skow 57s in my SG. To be continued, haha.
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    Vaughn Skow humbuckers - '57 vs '59/60 sets

    Checking out the 1957 PAF set and the 1959/60 PAF sets from Vaughn Skow (Nashville area pickup winder). Killer stuff, impressive. I am using a Muleskinner 30 watt 6L6/5881 powered amp, EQ Cables, and a bit of OD from a DCW Sunrise overdrive and the Browne Amps Protein overdrive.
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    Vaughn Skow 1957 PAF humbucker set

    Thanks. This is is 6L6 only and cannot use 6V6 valves. The channels are jumped and the volume for both is set at 3. The tone knob is at noon. The speaker is a Celestions M65 Creamback.
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    Vaughn Skow 1957 PAF humbucker set

    I heard about this guy from the Warehouse Guitar Speakers website. Recently installed his 1957 PAF style set (Alnico 2 magnets) and am super impressed. Very organic tones. I am using a Muleskinner amp and EQ Cables.
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    Excellent condition, full leads. This is the standard aged Sheptone Tribute Set (A5) with an additional aged BK bridge pickup. The BK is like the standard Tribute bridge with a few more winds. $280 shipped, USA only.
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    Sheptone Tribute 2 (Alnico 2)

    Here's another vid featuring the Tribute 2.
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    Like new, $150 shipped.
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    ReWind PAF-1 with KOT

    I'd say most of it is from the pickups. I can get a similar tone with my other overdrive pedals.

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