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    RIP, DarrellV

    I am ...without words. Beautiful soul.peace.
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    Your Thanksgiving Cluster Fk.

    ...but still alive Uncle Vinnie.good health. :cheers: (just had my third...a booster.all good here).
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    New duo name needed ….

    The Dynamic Duo.
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    Time for a Green Xmas Season

    I did go into the local big box last weekend for some oil for a 30 yr old reliable Tecumseh 3.2 horse lawnmower. 4-stroke.Pre winter, post season top-up and cylinder lubrication my goal. 'Sonny, can you show me where the lawnmower oil is?" whips out his phone and checks the stock..."it's over...
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    I don't know my rights...

    Ya CB. That is my gut feeling,just looking at the display on local city roads where i work. Patience grows thin. I am surprised with all the apparent hostility i am seeing, that there isn't more fisticuffs . Pass the popcorn, still waiting for a show. :hyper:
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    Whats the downside to super slim neck thickness , seems most people like 50s profile

    Hands are like fingerprints...everyone is different. That is just anatomy. So the only downside(?),to the op's question...uh,there is none, imho. Except as was suggested, stability. But i don't really know if this is even true, as i've never encountered a messed up thinner neck. If it is well...
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    I don't know my rights...

    The roadkill tally up here seems to be going up. But i don't really know if it is, with screaming headlines and such. There is unquestionably many, tragic, preventable examples. Today, i walk, ride , or transit. I refuse to drive in the city. Too risky/don't need the hassel of a...
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    greatest recording amp ever!

    I am a big fan of the sound of the vintage brownface Fenders.I have one(Super).Got nice midrange. Not dirty like the Tweeds(Bassman excepted!:cool2:), not scooped like the Blackface or later Silverface Fenders.
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    How Did You Improve Your Rig/Tone in 2021?

    This a good question.Given the lockdown,my biggest dissapointment(and potential improvement not achieved) is not getting out to mingle with other players. So a year largely inward focused...on work, finances and family issues. Still, i had time to play, priority one, to keep my chops. Minor...
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    Leave the singer at home...(Instrumentals)

    ya CB! sevenths. The last chord in the HP. progression stands out. I ended up learning the chord progression 18 years after i first heard the tune! :rofl: now memory kicks in and i am in meander coffee mode.:D All my studies and lessons from Berklee College of Music in Boston program material (...
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    Leave the singer at home...(Instrumentals)

    The best version of the tune is on that album(1971), apparently. I was listening to Live At The Rainbow,in '73. When i heard it...i thought the tune was outrageous(especially the later released speeded-up version).But if i remember correctly, it got a whole lot of airplay, simply because it was...
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    Romance scam with a twist

    The man...err, woman, must have had a way with words. :hmm: What is disturbing is how easily people succumb when they hear what they want the tune of millions, IF the article is accurate.
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    Leave the singer at home...(Instrumentals)

    Hocus Pocus by Focus. Sorry, Yodelling does not count as vocals!:rofl: ...and a couple of the most amazing modal guitar solos ever recorded.:cool2:
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    Why do you have an opinion on this?

    You are onto something here who...internet lemmings. i believe it used to be called jumping to conclusions. "Jumping to conclusions is a psychological term referring to a communication obstacle where one "judge or decide something without having all the facts; to reach unwarranted...
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    A Boaring Thread

    These wild boars are loose in my neighbourhood(protected greenbelt),just a little north and east of me.It is all bush connected to lake ontario,where i am. Along with wild deer,coyotes,turkeys, the occasional wolf, no bears yet, but they are probably out boars. Maybe i should be...

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