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    You're officially a vinyl collector when.... i'm talking to myself...i won't even get started on my great Marvel vintage comic books,circa 1966 to 1968...another retro indulgence...
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    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    I have every interest to get back in vinyl...i have a shit ton of great pristine albums to play, would love to hear them...figure great turntables are going to be around for a while now,so,grateful for that, i'll jump in when i am the meantime,where's my acoustic?
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    Seriously? My behavior was considered PREDATORY???

    This thread is funny.except for a couple outliers,you guys are the spitting image of fine Victorian gentlemen. I know a guy that will hold a door open,specifically,as an excuse,to mug a good looking woman. Its these kind of guys that ruin it for everyone.damn infidels. *grabs...
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    No more Prince Harry

    Its a good thing.The monarchy needs to change anyway, as in divest itself of people with titles, raking in public funding.That time is passed.But it will take a long time for the monarchy to get where it should be for 2020 and beyond. The sussex's push the envelope.If it works.Could fail too,i...
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    it's cold and dark.

    cold and dark.with snow.
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    Pay Me Double For My Ugly Customized LP Studio

    sorry.fugly. It'll float someones boat for way less than asking.
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    The future of guitar

    I noticed a while back how jazz guys were scooping up grocery store gigs, with portable all-in-one roll the band in on a dolly set-up.amp,mixer,processor,keys,guitar...perhaps this would work for grocery store rock guys...beat out those tunes for the shopping carts as they pass by.Back to the...
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    Martin Guitar Factory Tour - MLP Edition

    lookin forward to this vid later!...thx Vic!
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    He 'll definitely need this:
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    Looks Like Winter Has Arrived

    Big blower here about to start.crazy temps up and down.and wind. I plan to spend the afternoon looking out at the lake watching vertical snowfall...playing acoustic and electric guitar and learning some new tunes. the best saturdays!:cool2: add: it's arrived ...with!
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    Les Paul Studio...light?

    ^ this is what i remember too...i'll bet it sounds badass!...with a bigsby...nice!
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    Delete Account

    damn,missed another friday meltdown...where's my morning coffee?
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    1990 Les Paul Custom

    I have dozens of hours of live recorded tapes with 3 different bands from 91 to 96 all gigs with those exact Bill Lawrence pickups. I have yet to find a bad tone on those tapes,no matter where or how they were recorded.I was always pushing the amp with them.It was *grunge* after all. :rofl...
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    1990 Les Paul Custom

    I'd take that over a Historic any day...but that's just me.:D What a great find! enjoy!
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    Vegans Become a Protected Class

    The bullshit factor is so thick in this case...he went after his employer because of his *discovery*. Bullshit right there. I would speculate he was already in their sights for gross work misconduct,which we do not know the details about.He then dug up dirt ( pension fund) and cooked up the...