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    Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky’

    Her face has me mesmerized.I met a woman like her who could be her (older)sister...they always want commitment.:rolleyes:.maybe i am being to day i have to get off the fence...again.
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    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    I consider my guitars the ultimate barometers of weather.When the tuning stays rock solid,so did the temp'humidity!
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    normal flu is still an incredible killer...this is just(covid) an additional worry.stay healthy CB9.
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Yesterday,in Ontario(pop:14.57 million) : 17,303 tests,112 new new deaths. winning numbers all around. I have a new found respect for our Conservative leader,Doug Ford,and Our Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.They have handled the issues,as if they are both on the same...
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    All the numbers mean squat,except this one. "Yes, some people asymptomatic. Yes, some people have mild cases of disease. But in essence, we also are having a lot of people who are being hospitalized," said Lushniak, who is dean of the University of Maryland School of Public Health and a former...
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    The Ultimate Karen

    This is good.4 million flattery.
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    Gary Busey’s nuts

    Madman!...funny as hell.Time to hit the open stage Gary.You are sure to get some love,for a performance like that! Mad as a hatter he is...and he played that role very well in many films.I don't want to say an aging mind is a tragic thing...because he seemed to role play and pull it off.bravo...
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    So the neighbor just put out a BLM flag

    When i was a kid,growing up on the Canadian/US border,my parents would sometimes drive over to Ogdensburg New York to get the best pizza in the world...Oscars Pizza.It was the best. In that brief drive,on the other side,a whole new culture became apparent to me as a kid of maybe 6 years...
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

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    Another long rant about my "family"...Seriously WTF is wrong with people

    Just say no.Your own health could be compromised by the stress of this.Your wife needs you too,as it appears you have a true loving relationship there.Keep an open line with your mother.frequent conversation,to keep a bead on the situation and her. Sorry sis,i can't help you.You are an...
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    Cleanse Your Mind-Sab s/t by Zakk

    what if a pending??? ebony necks and emg's man.huge.pushed to the edge of, fingers count.
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    Your Ultimate Telecaster.

    OMG.guitarhack! beautiful!
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    Your Ultimate Telecaster.

    yes.takes a little.
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    Your Ultimate Telecaster.

    @ your idol:retro-postage! But here goes,i'll play...I already own them,i think... But if i even expanded by one piece(or 2) light resonant swamp ash body, with minimal routing...slab (baked?) maple neck 9-15 compound radius and medium jumbo dunlops(6105's),locking vintage style...
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    Hey ho James! :cool2:

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