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    Hail, fountain pens!

    I used to have a decent set, bc I used to do calligraphy. Now, I only have a cheap Pilot, which I barely use.
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    Do you believe in owning a Second "Beater" Guitar?

    Just 1? I have a few. I don't "baby" any of my guitars. I also don't act like an idiot with them.
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    Let's blow up another rocket. SN10 planned for test flight today.

    Wish I had that kind of money to burn...literally.
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    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    Definitely! Got a great wife, two awesome sons, our own home/cars, etc... Not rich, by any standards, but our bills get paid, we have food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs...and, I still have my "toys", so it's all good.:thumb: It could be better, but due to "that which shall not be...
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    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    The same way a lot of other people I've seen - copius amounts of lottery-tickets. Seriously, though. After the first round, I was at 7-11, and there were at least 7 people in line, dropping some serious $ on tickets. I saw one guy, in his mid-late 60s, throw down like $200! Hell, just the...
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    1964 Gibson SG

    Every time I see a vintage SG for sale, I die a little inside, bc it reminds me of the one that got away. Had the chance to buy my uncle's '61-'62 for a little less than half of yours, but it just wasn't in the cards. GLWS! She's a beauty!
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    Diversity training

    Don't forget "affimitive-action". Not even sure how this has survived, when it it is against the law to hire people specifically based on race, religion, sex, etc...? Equal-opporotunity, my ass!
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    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Or, "appropriation". In fact, I ate some Ramen noodles last night, so...
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    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    The thing I hate the most about the whole "cancel culture" is, the small minority of aholes, who think they speak for the majority. Must be nice to have that kind of time/energy to just find things to be offended about?
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    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Can't tell if you're being serious, or not, but I don't see that as "racist"?
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    Former Gibson factory to become boutique hotel

    Funny, bc KZ became a complete shithole over the past 30+ years. Used to be a great city. wasn't. I used to dream of living there (mainly bc of the old factory), then I realized how bad it was. Glad I stayed put.
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    Basement Celling Re- Do, Means Man cave re-do

    Did the same thing (black ceiling) in our basement. Love the look.
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    Gorilla Glue ?......seriously ??

    This is one reason I hate the internet (specifically social-media). Too many people willing to feel sorry for, and willing to give money to people who make stupid mistakes. But, for people who legitimately deserve the help? "Thoughts, and prayers". Makes me sick.
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    Gorilla Glue ?......seriously ??

    Hope she and he new boobs have a tite bond, bc she's probably going to be stuck with them for awhile? After the "incedent", any doctor who would do anything for her would have to be pretty hard-headed.
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    Fowl play at Cockfight

    Cockfighting is for the birds.

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