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    black label society

    i'm a huge black label society fan. just downloaded the compilation album – seriously a great blend of their entire catalogue. my fav track of the comp is ‘stillborn,’ by far (and has a vid – how I first found out about it: YouTube - Black Label Society - Stillborn). seriously, longtime fans...
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    Record store day?

    Has anybody else heard of this thing Record Store Day this weekend. Apparently once a month starting this Saturday the 18th independent record stores around the country will have special and previously unreleased content from Universal Music. They’ve got vinyl samplers, stuff from Sublime, and...
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    So I love Jerry Horton therefore I clearly love Papa Roach. Their new song Lifeline kicks a**! so does Hollywood Whore!! ahha awesome video... ne ways You MUST hear Lifeline:dude: Papa Roach on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Anyone agree?
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    A Laptop For $10???

    0________0 ahahahah
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    Love your Papa...Papa Roach

    So i already love Papa Roach and I love them even more because I just heard their new single Lifeline! It's niiice. I heard its being released Jan 27th Listen to it, im tellin you! Heres the myspace link Papa Roach on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads leme...
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    Who is your favourite stand up comedian?

    LMAO @ bob saget
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    How often do you clean your fridge?

    i dont clean my fridge, my roomate cleans it. and i get pist because she throws away all my food!!
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    Chevy....LIKE A ROCK!!!!

    too bad it wasnt FORD TOUGH. lol
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    82 year old heavy metal fan!

    THATS AWESOME!! go old guys!! lol
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    Currently 7, yes SEVEN degrees in St.Louis, MO

    whuut!?? thats nothing!! ahaha jk thats effin cold mann
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    Who is your favourite stand up comedian?

    robin williams is kewl
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    Maroon 5

    Yes I did actually. What kind of music do you like, name a few bands? Cause I don't listen to only 1 genre of music. They're actually very good.
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    Maroon 5

    My girlfriend came over earlier and she was talking about getting her sister the new Maroon 5 album for x-mas and stuff cause she hasn't gotten her anything yet. I thought it was a good idea, but it would be a better one if she was getting meee the CD. But it's alright, I went to Zune and got...
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    Di Marzio Superdistortion vs. X2N

    What do you think would be better in the neck and bridge position of a Gibson Les Paul?
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    fretboard care

    pee on it

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