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    My First P90 LP..An Absolute Dream

    That's such a great combo. It's a classic for a reason! Here's to many great playing sessions together :cheers:
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    NGD '60s Standard Bourbon Burst

    Very nice! Isn't the finish similar to a historic LP you have/had? It's hard to keep track of your impressive collection! Congratulations on the NGD and enjoy in good health :cheers:
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    NGD: Fender Classic 60s Jaguar Lacquer

    Congratulations on your ngd Merkin! I love Jaguars although I don't own one (would love a surf green American original though - one day!) I was bitten by the Fender bug last year and I'm really into them now. Those classic series instruments were solid builds for sure. The nitro finish is a very...
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    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Traditional Caramel Burst

    Wow! I like that classic looking finish but that top certainly isn't average! Nice score, congratulations Post some pics on the les paul traditional love thread for posterity!
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    Choosing the right PAF clones for my Les Paul's character...

    I did extensive research last year when I wanted to change pick ups in my les paul. In the end I settled for Rewind paf 1 set with alnico 4 magnets which are great. As other has said changing pickups is always a crap shoot. Having said, basing myself on what you're looking for, you should...
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    NGD...2018 LPC 1957 VOS Antique Pelham Blue

    That's a great finish, it really compliments the custom look. Congratulations and enjoy!
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    NGD-Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 Lemonburst-Updated pic

    Cool colour, happy ngd :thumb:
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    NGD - 2018 Standard in Mojave Burst

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    NGD: My Magnum Opus

    Just saw your post man, congratulations! Great job! :thumb: :cheers2:
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    NOGD - 56 LP TV Special

    Super duper! Congratulations and enjoy it ;) :cheers:
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    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    I use the rubber rings on my les paul and my other guitars. No problems. You just need to look for a smaller size
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    NGD: 2018 2019 Black Classic

    Looking classy! Happy ngd!
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    Who else has a fender twin?

    I've got a twin infatuation going on... But like most I'm strictly a home player so I don't know if I'll actually be able to use it. Although some intriguing comments I've read lately claim it sounds good at low volume too :hmm: I've been looking at the tonemaster version and I'm seriously...
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    Painted headstocks, like 'em?

    I used to think the same way, but went ic comes to Jaguars and Jazzmasters they kind of look strange with out them. With the custom colors that is. I particularly like surf green and ocean turquoise. I think they look great with matching headstock. As a matter of fact I think it's absurd that...

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