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    Better Call Saul

    Fromland on Epix is a pretty good horror series. Only one season so far. Also on Epix is Chapelwaite, which is a vampire show in the Salem’s Lot universe. Also decent.
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    Epiphone les paul jr. humbucker replacement thoughts

    DiMarzio Transition bridge pickup is awesome for hard rock.
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    Better Call Saul

    There’s a lot of good insight in this thread. Finally got to watch last night. Loved it. I too thought it was weird that they tried to pin Hank’s death on Saul. I was also a little disappointed that we couldn’t tell if Marie was wearing purple.:rofl: At first I thought Kim got off too easy...
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    Absolute Heart Broken..Tragedy for our family..

    That’s terrible. So sorry to hear this.
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    Hly Sht Jerry Reed is a Beast! A damn BEAST!

    Holy shit I forgot how good the Dregs were.
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    Anne Heche

    So edgy.
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    '83 MIJ Boss DS-1 on the way...

    I only have good luck with the DS1 with the gain almost off and the level cranked pretty high like a typical tube screamer setting.
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    Cringeworthy Performances

    Slap worthy
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    Better Call Saul

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    Better Call Saul

    What's left other than calling the vacuum cleaner guy? I don't like Kim's arc. Turning herself in goes against her character and what we know about her, IMO. Also, Miracle Whip is gross.
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    Better Call Saul

    Found it.
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    Better Call Saul

    Someone online cleaned up the audio of the phonebooth conversation, and said Saul was speaking directly with Kim. Can't find the link now, though.
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    I’m starting to think my Epiphone custom pro is fake…

    The diamond inlay looks a little wonky. What is the serial number?
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    Now legal to kill thieves on motorcycles in Brazil. Brutal video. NSFW or kids v

    The shop owner later posted on Reddit about this, and was answering questions. It's deleted now but he's asking for trouble. STFU and lawyer up.

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