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    Old Glory, I had to send it back...

    Thanks. :) If you're still in the market for an Epi, check out some of the new ones coming out. Hopefully they start doing a better job of cleaning the fingerboards. They are pretty nasty. I think it's a combination of stain or dye, polishing compound and fret dust.
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    Seriously? My behavior was considered PREDATORY???

    So did you bang her?
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    Ummm... Uli Jon Roth

    He crushes it here.
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    Line 6 Pod Go

    Those are a bit different than the 500X. I think you can have more "blocks" and a more complex signal chain with the "X" version.
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    Old Glory, I had to send it back...

    Here I am cleaning a filthy Epiphone fingerboard... starts at 3:00.
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    Old Glory, I had to send it back...

    Every new Epiphone I have ever bought did this. Why would you send it back after you cleaned it?
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    PAUL DI’ANNO's last gig

    My fav...
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    Grammys Head Deborah Dugan Removed 10 Days Before Ceremony

    That may be the vaguest thing I ever read.
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    I hated that movie...
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    Like pretty guitars? Check out these ESPs from Japan...

    Found these pics on another forum... These are NAMM guitars.... I don't think they will make it into production, but holy shit!!
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    Neil Peart died

    Try listening to the new Ozzy/Elton John song and reading this thread...
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    Neil Peart died

    No one was a better drummer. Man.. this sucks.
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    Doug and Pat demo a Kemper and profile the infamous Vox AC10 with interesting results

    Just found this guy on YouTube a couple weeks ago. I love the way he plays.
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    Describe the last crap you took with a movie title

    Children of the Corn
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    Don't click if you tend to get dizzy....

    Could you imagine painting that thing? Tedious and BORING! Still, even if you don't like it, the painter did a nice job.