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    Guitar Stores (used gear) in Las Vegas?

    Pawn shops must be plentiful in Sin City. I’d check those as well.
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    Es Les Paul: Should I have buyers remorse?

    Don't kick me out of the conversation for posting this in the Gibson section, but I have an Epiphone ES Lester, and it's magnificent. Has a really unique (and usable) sound.
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    Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Pro

    Thanks for your encouraging reply @Capo Dei Capi. I am developing an interest in making videos because I have an arm injury and really can't play guitar right now, so I figured I should start a new hobby. It's been a fun challenge that is both time consuming and rewarding. Like most things, it...
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    Wow. Not even close.
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    Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth

    Try saying synthesiser, but with a lisp!
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    "this is really great iced tea, stacy".
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    NGD!!! 2019 LP Custom for Breakfast

    Nice Custom! You can raise the pickup height for more output, and it could be the knobs weren't pushed all the way down on the shafts at the factory. You may be able to push them into place by hand.
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    Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Pro

    Hey guys. I'm trying my hand at the video making process. I made a review of this killer guitar. Honest feedback on this video is VERY WELCOME. Thanks!