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    Heeeeeere's Johnny..........

    People like what they like. Can't blame a guy for having an opinion.
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    Gonna have to kill my neighbor

    My neighbor is an a-hole, too. maybe we could kill each other's neighbor.
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    Vivian Campbell “Holy Diver” Les Paul Outfit

    I played one of these at Sam Ash yesterday in Philly. My thoughts are $850 for a guitar with that finish is a little pricey... the paint is black.... heavily orange-peeled, not buffed or glossy. It looks a little amateurish (which is probably intentional). The action was fairly high so I was...
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    Helix guys Harmonizer questions

    Also.... I used this patch for DRC and other marshally tones back in my band days. Worked well. Insert your favorite 4z12 IR or stock cab.
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    Helix guys Harmonizer questions

    Cool. I hope its working for you. BTW this is hanging up in my music room. Lol.
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    Paypal gift...not for the smart people in the crowd.

    1) For sale ... Les Paul... $2500 shipped and PayPal'd 2) For sale.... Les Paul... $2300 plus shipping and fees or PPG. Which is better? Door number one for me.
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    Helix guys Harmonizer questions

    If you drop the pitch with the pitch wham before the Twin harmonizer, than set the key to "C". To me it sounds best after the amp. YMMV.
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    I thought he Sadowsky only made basses.... very cool axe.
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    Helix guys Harmonizer questions

    Forgot to mention... those settings will only work if you play the song in standard tuning. If you play it tuned down a half step like the record, than change the "Voice One Key" slider on the harmonizer to "C" instead of "C#".
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    Helix guys Harmonizer questions

    For DRC, use these settings on the Twin harmonizer. Using two guitar players sounds better, but this gets you close.
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    Welcome to the forum. Forum rules state you must list a price. Aside from that, you'll have better luck selling with more details and better pics. A friend had a Smartwood LP back in the late 90's. It was a great axe. Good luck with the sale.
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    Strange looking tailpiece - this right?

    They still sell 'em new. Gold Tp-6
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    Who among us has never driven "impaired"?

    All the time in my yourth.
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    Led Zep versus Time.

    This rhythm snafu (probably not the right word) is a known thing. In the second video, try mentally playing along while the drummer is couinting.... it "feels" too complicated and wrong, to me. I doubt LZ wrote it this way.