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    1956 Gold Top Re-Finish

    Gold would be proper but I would love to see it as lemon.
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    65 years and 5 months
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    Double Cut terminology

    I wish they would make a double cut where both horns were like a Les Paul Standard.
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    WTB: 50’s neck LP Standard or Traditional.

    How about a 2020 standard 50 cherry burst. If interested please send me your phone number or email via pm
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    Brandon wound pickups teaming up with Gibson custom shop?

    I was planning to get a set of your patent number pickups. Will they still be available? Thanks Robert
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    Tell me about Maestro Vibrola tailpiece

    I had a 64 with one and like you I didn't use it. I just turned the bar around and forgot about it. But they do look good.
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    Creamtone aged nickel ABR-1 with conversion post, stoptail and studs

    I'll take them. PM me your paypall info. Thanks Robert
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    10k to spend what should I buy ?

    A nice used R7 8 or 9 and a new roof on my house.
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Have you got all the parts and the husk. Are you wanting to sell more. Also, Dan will make a great pickguard. Thanks Robert
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    I've got an 82. It has a gibson headstock that says Epiphone. Great guitar.
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    SOLD Repo Vintage Gibson Tuners Fake 58 Page 23 Shrunken Les Paul 335

    Did you send me payment info or did you sell them to someone else. Thanks Robert
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    SOLD Repo Vintage Gibson Tuners Fake 58 Page 23 Shrunken Les Paul 335

    I'll take them. PM payment details.
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    Heritage guitars older vs current.

    Will a regular LP pickguard fit on a Heritage
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    lifton case badge.... made my own

    Great. What do I owe you. Robert
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    lifton case badge.... made my own

    Madison, Tennessee Suburb of Nashville

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