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    Electronic ear plugs?

    No friggin joke. I'll check out the ear Inc. ones, too. Thanks!
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    Electronic ear plugs?

    Apart from weekly rehearsal and monthly gigs (avg 3-4 hours), I also shoot recreationally in trap/skeet and rifle. I've never had a good experience using normal ear plugs at band events; no matter what I use there is too much high-end frequency loss to hear accurately how things sound. In-ear...
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    Need Your Advice On Adjusting The Neck On My LP

    Definitely take it to a pro, but not to Guitar Center. There juat doesn't seem to be enough consistency in who works the tech bench at at GC stores to be a smart option. Pay a little more for a tech with a good reputation, and like others have said, get a detailed description of everything done...
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    Half a Strat is better than none

    I'm with you, Chris. Strats without pickguards just look wrong, even with a piece of wood as nice as that.
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    been a bad day

    That sucks dude. Major bummer. I don't know if you are into using hand planes, but Crimson Guitars has a video showing how to use a long hand plane to make the neck angle plane in the body. It's one option that cuts down on having to use a router and the would lower the risk of high-stakes...
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    Vox AC 15 vs Night Train

    Well, neither one is exactly quiet. I don't know what you're going for in terms of volume level, but the AC15 is known for punching way above its weight in terms of watt-to-volume. It's just loud. I actually kinda liked the Night Train, but I've not spent too much time with one. It's probably...
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    Flipping a fret around? Pros and Cons

    Might as well give it a shot yourself. If the guitar isn't really playable as it is, then you don't have much to lose. You don't have to get super expensive tools for all of it. I have a 24" piece of cut-off granite back-splash I got for free as my leveler. I use spray adhesive to stick 220grit...
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    Thinline Tele-something

    Frickin' fantastic! I love the heel and the volute.
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    Thinline finished

    Great! I love Thinlines, and that neck is fantastic.
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    Red Eye Les Paul pickup specs?

    It was pretty neat. Mr. Bethencourt was very cool and really seemed to enjoy just chatting about those little details.
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    Red Eye Les Paul pickup specs?

    I forgot about this post, but I figured I'd update it. As part of the COVID lock down stuff, Jason Isbell's guitar tech did a promotion where - if you donated to the MusiCares charity - you could get a private gear consult on anything guitar related. Naturally, it took me about 6 seconds to sign...
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    At what point do you do your fret installation?

    I do mine after gluing the fretboard to the neck, because I find it easier to taper the board to the neck. But I've never done bound fretboards, and I'm pretty sure you'd have to do all the fretwork before gluing in that case.
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    Does tru oil cure faster under the sunlight?

    Quick question, that I hope doesn't hijack the thread. Can y'all define exactly how you're using the word "harden" here? I've done a few guitars with TO and have never had a problem a with it being tacky or sticky - including my regular gigging guitars. However, it definitely doesn't resist...
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    Planer advice

    That one is a different planer - which you may have already been pointing out. The 735 is more powerful, heavier, and has a 1/2" more cutting capacity. It's not much, but it's just enough. But, I agree with all y'all that as you get closer to being to final dimensions, I'd want something more...
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    Planer advice

    This Dewalt has a 13" cut capacity and is a very nice planer. I've used one extensively. At a 13" cut, all the common solid-body guitars, like Tele, LP, and Strat-based guitars - should just fit.

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