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    What's the going rate for a near mint, original 1997 Classic

    Great that you've had a chance to play before buying! It's not a fad, it's a preference. Slim necks work for you, that's great; the too-thin neck on my old Classic would always cause my hand to cramp, and I've never once had that problem with the fatter neck on my Traditional (granted, it's...
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    Inlay gaps - okay or need filling?

    Thank you all for your replies, and for the consensus of using CA glue to fill. I'll probably give it a go in the near future. I appreciate your help! :thumb:
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    Inlay gaps - okay or need filling?

    Hi everyone. My first post here in the Land of the Luthiers. :) I hope this post is appropriate for this forum; if not, I hope the mods will move it to the appropriate location. I recently acquired an awesome Gretsch G2657T (an excellent Les Paul-sized, overseas-made semi-hollow that won't...
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    What's the going rate for a near mint, original 1997 Classic

    I had a 1995 Classic for many years, bought it brand new in '96. Took me a very long time to figure out that I like thicker necks, and of course my Classic was super slim. Necks on Classics are notoriously thin. A couple of years ago, I got a Traditional and sold my old Classic to Guitar...
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    Need help identifying 2 LPs

    I'm starting to get into Gretsch guitars, I wouldn't mind seeing those.
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    Need help identifying 2 LPs

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. :welcome: Sorry about your uncle's passing. :( The first one you posted, 90837485, appears to be a Gibson Les Paul Studio of some flavor. As you noted, it's difficult to tell without additional photos. I think most Studio models of that era had solid/single-color...
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    Gallbladders are RUDE!

    Congrats on the happy, healthy baby girl! :) Several years ago I passed a kidney stone that sent me to the hospital. Absolutely THE WORST physical pain I’ve ever experienced... Sharp stabbing pain with no end. It was absolutely debilitating, I was writhing on the floor and there was nothing...
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    I had a ‘95 LP Classic for many years, but I’ve heard that the newer Slim Taper necks aren’t as skinny as the old ones. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to try one for myself just yet. Thanks for the info, and congrats again, that's a real beauty!!
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    Thoughts and opinion on a 2008 Gibson LP R8 (Maple Syrup Burst)

    That’s pretty sweet - pun intended! :) No idea why it exists (is there some connection between Les Pauls and maple syrup, or is it just the color?), but I dig that Limited Edition stamp. Sorry that I don’t have any helpful info. Good luck!
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    Gorgeous! I wish I had the cash to be able to make an offer... Interesting that there are no Sharpie scribbles in the pickup cavities. I’m very curious about the necks on these. Would you be willing to measure? Congrats!! :thumb:
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    Knob differences

    I found this whole process to be interesting and educational, and I wanted to share my story with MLP. Hopefully this info will help others in the future. I have zero affiliation with any of these companies. The backstory, for those who like reading about the journey: I bought a used 2016...
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    How is this possible?

    NOBODY wants a sharp G string... :laugh2: I’m set in my ways now because I’ve found what I like, but when I was younger I tried a number of different string brands. I was always surprised at how the same gauge strings from different brands could feel so totally different. I have no idea the...
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    Epiphone Pickup Rings installation (CreamTone) - HELP!

    I know you said they’re supposed to be for Epiphone, but those look like Gibson-size rings to me. Maybe contact CreamTone to see if they sent you the wrong ones?
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    Gibson in Michigan

    I’m also from Michigan, and I’d have to give that a firm no. Gibson is a business, and businesses exist to make money. There’s just no financial incentive for them to leave “Music City” aka “The Country Music Capital of the World” to move back here. I think it makes even less sense for them...

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