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    Is this a real PAF?

    Great information. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
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    Is this a real PAF?

    Thanks you, any other thoughts. I'm hopeful but maybe a reproduction. I do not think Gibson used these stickers recently.
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    Is this a real PAF?

    I hope those help.
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    Is this a real PAF?

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    Is this a real PAF?

    Just checking if this is real or not. The stick looks correct. What do you think?
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    FS: Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive Gold Horsie Long Tail Serial #919

    Oh man what this pedal can do for a plexi is simply amazing. Many pedals come close but none are the same. The buyer will be very happy!
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    Any one buy from Guitar Shop Taiwan on Reverb?

    I found a guitar I really like on Reverb but it is in Taiwan. Anyone purchase a guitar from Guitar Shop Taiwan? If so, what was your experience? Thanks.
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    WTB pre 2006 Gold 57 Classics

    Hi, I am looking for two gold 57 Classics made up to 2006. Please let me know what you have, I’m ready to purchase some. Thanks.
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    Craigslist find. What are these pickups?

    I did grab them. I put them in a 1983 black Gibson Heritage Korina Flying V I got at a local auction. I am pleasantly surprised how great they sound. The bridge gives a tube amp such great overdrive and the neck pickup doesn't sound muddy at all. It has a great woody tone to it. I am very happy...
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    Craigslist find. What are these pickups?

    Thank you. I've been doing research, I think that is what they are.
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    Help me identify these Gibson pickups

    The one with the braided wire looks like a 498T. It should be higher ohms and sound great in the bridge position. I'm not sure of the one with multiple wires.
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    Craigslist find. What are these pickups?

    I went on craigslist this morning just looking as I alway do. There was an advertisement for three humbuckers. One pickup was a Seymour Duncan and the other two were these. I believe they are Gibson pickups but I am questioning exactly what they are because they have two sets of poll screws...
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    Gibson Heritage Flying V

    Yeah, D 140