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    NGD Epiphone "Inspired by Gibson" Firebird

    so, It's a NGD for Old Ralph!! A BRAND NEW guitar day. I have wanted a reverse Firebird since the 60's, never was able to afford one. Along comes "Inspired by Gibson" Lemme tell you, Epiphone has hit this one right outta the park... Fit and finish are great, NO fret sprout or sharp edges. If I...
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    NGD 2011 Honeyburst Les Paul Plain Top

    Nuttin' new for me in a couple years, but I picked this Honey Burst plaintop up last week. Been looking for an affordable plain top for awhile. (years). now for some knobs, a Gotoh bridge, and some fretboard treatment.
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    Help me know if this shop is screwing me

    What he said!! remember also, every minute the tech is talking to a customer comes out of time working on a guitar. I was a tech years ago and I spent probably an aggregate of 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day talking to customers. That's 8 or ten hours a week, which is enough time to work on 4 or 5...
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    Japan Super Classic

    Good to know, Thanks.
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    Japan Super Classic

    I would be a little worried since TWO guitars with the SAME serial numbers are for sale RIGHT NOW... But that's just me..... Epiphone Les Paul Super Classic Desert Burst Used w Softcase Free Shipping I516 | eBay
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    So why does a Epiphone contractor make a more accurate les paul than epiphone?

    You know, I understand we want quality workmanship. A solid, well built, nice playing new guitar that will last. Good overall fit and finish. Should be free from finish blemishes and imperfections. Should be free from electrical problems, and bad fretwork. All these things ARE important...
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    Rocky Athas and his new Epi LP

    Fun interview with Rocky, and a video of him and his new LP on stage with John Mayall.. Rocky Athas: The Epiphone Video Interview
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    Looks like we have Mr.Les Paul to thank for our Epiphones

    No compromise, Epiphone IS an import line of more affordable Gibson guitars. THAT'S the point. Keeping a distinction between the two lines, such as the headstock shape, allows both brands to stand on their own, which I think is good for both. Besides, with what Gibson is doing to their...
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    How would you feel if...

    I believe if Gibson produced a MIC Gibson LP in their dedicated, company owned factory that currently produces the Standard Pros and Trad Pros, with "Gibson" on the headstock, and the traditional "Gibson" headstock shape they would charge $200-$400 more for the guitar, JUST for the name. That...
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    Where can I find Epi Dot Cream Pickup Rings????

    Cool, glad they fit OK!
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    Where can I find Epi Dot Cream Pickup Rings????

    Glad I could help! Enjoy.
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    Where can I find Epi Dot Cream Pickup Rings????

    These should do the trick: Cream Epiphone Humbucking Pickup Ring Set |
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    Looks like we have Mr.Les Paul to thank for our Epiphones

    I went back and read the entire thread and for the most part we have all had a nice, decent conversation about Les Paul and his contributions to music and guitarists in general. Then somebody has to come crap in the sandbox.... Les was a musician first, he was not a businessman. He wanted...
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    Epiphone ES 339 PRO NGD!!

    The previous owner had pulled the E off the p/g. I have remove them from acoustic guitars with no problem, they just peel right off. If there is any sticker residue it will peel off as well, just go slow, no need to scrape or anything, just go slow. I too got a great deal on mine, although...
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    Used Epis just dont hold their value

    Free beer might get me to come over. or a REALLY good price, but that still don't mean I'm buying your guitar. :D My point was, you don't want to say anything negative if you're trying to sell your guitar. Saying "I'm not a Gold Top Guy" or "I'm not a Tele guy" is fine. Saying it's not as...

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