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    NAD - Vox Night Train

    Yep, I have been reading up on the connections and understand it all now, thanks for the heads up.
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    NAD - Vox Night Train

    Yep, they have the Custom Vox Celestion Greenback Speaker, which is not bad. I was playing mine through my 1x12 which has the WGS Reaper HP speaker in it. I would like to play through both my speakers, but my 1x12 cabinet just has the one input, not a daisy chain output to another speaker...
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    NAD - Vox Night Train

    I got my NT head for $269, which I thought was a great price considering the Like New condition of this head. I love the DSL40CR Crunch setting on the Classic Gain channel, I just wish they would put that Crunch setting on the other lower wattage DSL's. You can live on that Crunch channel all...
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    NAD - Vox Night Train

    Yep, you switch over to the Thick setting and it has a really nice thick gain tone where you can only adjust the Volume and Gain to your liking. The EQ's are disabled in this mode, but it just sounds killer, where you just use your guitar to adjust the tone to your liking. I only had a little...
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    NGD - Heritage Cherry Sunburst Classic Les Paul

    Congrats on your new LP! Enjoy her for a long time.
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    NAD - Vox Night Train

    I had a Night Train many years ago, but sold it when I was moving around a lot and keeping just two small combo amps. I really did miss that nice Vox Chime that you get from the Night Train, it was such a great lunch box head. I was browsing around Reverb a few weeks ago and ran across one in...
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    NAD! Retrurn to Marshall

    I like the Marshall tone for sure, who doesn't like that 80's rock tone from Van Halen, Ratt, GNR, and Motley Crue. I went back to my original first tube amp, the Blackheart Handsome Devil Combo, a great platform starting point. I had the DSL40 when I lived back in Michigan, that is an awesome...
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    Took my inherited 75-76 Les Paul Deluxe Blue Sparkle to get appraised, what can I expect?

    It looks like it is in really good shape, you may be able to get around 8-9k for it, but $7500 is a fair offer from someone hoping to make a few bucks from it.
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    GAS is really strong right now. Cherry on top of my growing collection.

    Sweet, I did like that one better as far as looks and since it feels better to you, then a super congratulations is in order! :jam:
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    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Ebony 2020 Neck

    Very nice, congrats! The heck with hanging around reading, go jam for a few hours!
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    Just joined. At long last.

    Beautiful, If you like 9-42's, I would use 9-46's that it was I use and like on all my LP's. I like the Daddario Yellow package Super Light top/Regular Bottom. Congrats on your new guitar.
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    GAS is really strong right now. Cherry on top of my growing collection.

    Nice, can't go wrong with either one. Pick the one that feels best and speaks out to you the most.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    When I went to GC they were both on the Floor and the other GC 30 miles away, they had two and they were both on the floor as well.
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    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    If you like it and it feels/plays and sounds great now that it is fixed, then just keep it and get a nice discount.
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    NAD! Retrurn to Marshall

    Wow, lucky you. Congrats and enjoy your toys! :dude:

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