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    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    My '06 58 Reissue. Had a few mods, had a few knocks but this is the best playing guitar I've ever owned and the best of my 3 Les Pauls.
  2. 2006 58 Reissue

    2006 58 Reissue

    '06 historic Les Paul. '58 Reissue. These guitars I know were not totally accurate and this had had a few mods Tyson Tone Preacher PAF clones. Emerson 50s harness. Montreux plastics. The pick guard is original but it has that pinkish tint. I'd like to replace that.
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    2006 58 Reissue

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2006 58 Reissue. Please add to the discussion here.
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    1950's P-90 to PAF Les Paul Conversion

    That refin on the Goldy is just beautiful. It looks so much better than those straight line check jobs to my eye. It makes me want to send my R6 to HM for the same treatment :) Brilliant story and work by all. Rich
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    A belated GibSunday to you all

    my 3 favorite (well maybe) reissues. L-R. 2006 R8 Historic, 2007 R8 Historic TV Special and 2016 M2M R8 Kentucky Bourbon Burst. And yes, they are lefties, so no wise cracks please :) 3 Amigos by downunder_lefty, on Flickr
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    Beautiful Lefty Burst in Spain. Lots of Pics.

    I can only ever dream of owning (probably even playing) a guitar like that. I love that this lefty found a home with a lefty.
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    Ideas, suggestions, thoughts.

    Hi guys, I am looking into the possibilities of getting a guitar refinished and I am looking for any thoughts, advice etc. The guitar is a 2006 Gibson Les Paul DC Junior. It's a washed out sort of TV yellow with a bit of green thrown in it seems. The guitar is a lefty and is pretty rare by...
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    Thanks funny Cj, I think exactly the same thing about righties :) I agree though, it's a very cool guitar. Rich
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    Hi all. As noted from my last post re image hosts, I have opted to go with Imgur. It seems pretty straight forward once I had worked out how to add additional pics to published folders. So to test it's ease I though I would post my 2011 R6' here. I had asked about specs a little while back...
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    Image Hosts

    Hi gals n guys, I hope your all having a wonderful Gibsunday. I have no doubt this has been covered but I cannot find anything after searching so I am going to ask. What Photo hosting sites do you use? I have Photobucket though I am a scrooge so I don;t want to pay the upgade and I suspect...
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    Historic Les Paul DC 58'

    H Tim, thanks for all that. I stripper it down today and gave it a great clean. I am going to replace the pots as the tone is no good and someone soldered it all together with a chainsaw I think lol. I am going to put a Tyson Tone in it I have decided. The Throwbacks are great I am sure but...
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    Historic Les Paul DC 58'

    Thanks Geordie. Yes this one was loved me thinks though I am unsure about the big wear patch at the bottom. I am not sure what would cause that.
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    Historic Les Paul DC 58'

    Hi all, just picked up this TV Model DC Les Paul. It's a 2007 model. I know there are not a lot of these around and it got me to thinking, is there a production book or list that details the number of each style of guitar Gibson made each year? I was just wondering how many of these there are...
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    2011 R6 Specs

    Hi all, I am looking for some accurate R6 specs for 2011. I have one I may be buying. I have been looking about and can find 2009 changes and I suspect/hope they continued through to 2011 before Gibson made some changes in 2012? I wanted to be sure they have the 1 piece fingerboard, they were...
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    1979 Deluxe

    Thanks guys. Its a Delixe and that is a very dark mahogany board. The beck is 3 piece maple snd yes its a lot snappier than my R8. It has a great acoustic tone. Cheers Roch

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