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    1957 Les Paul Modified!

    FWIW - this is a '57 GT about 400 serials later (with early PAFs)
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    What Is This Goldtop?

    '52 conversion showing original trapeze screw holes
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    Flying V regrets

    Sold yesterday afternoon to nobody I know.
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    Recent live clip of my guitar

    OH. HELL. YEAH!!!!! :dude::dude::dude:
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    Uncirculated 1959 Burst - 9 0922

    Double Whites! :cool:
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    Should I just say @#*& it and sand the bloody neck down??

    If you think that neck is huge, you must like pretty thin necks. Be careful, it's 50:50 that you sand right into the truss rod channel and ruin the whole neck. Then you have a $2k repair on top of everything else you have in the guitar. :cheers:
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    If Clapton, Page, Bloomfield and Green...

    "If Clapton, Page, Bloomfield and Green... would have played '54 Les Pauls..." What if... what if... what if... As my Mom used to say "... and if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his azz when he jumps". :cheers:
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    Rosewood board Fenders don't get a skunk stripe, don't need one to install the truss rod.
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    Watch This Before You Spend A Quarter Million On That Burst

    No, IMO his main motivation was to get a REAL Burst! I think we all have varying degrees of FOFU - Fear Of F'ing Up. Buying anything - house, car, couch, washing machine - and then finding out that you overpaid by 50% to 10,000%, constitutes F'ing Up to most of us. No matter how nice the thing...
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    "The amplifiers will be available throughout 2019 and a standard model will follow later in the year." Translation: There's a production run to be made later in the year after all the 500 Page-signed ones are sold.
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    Watch This Before You Spend A Quarter Million On That Burst

    Hey - it was basically an ad for their services, a chance to show off a little, and give a PSA for vintage buyers to be proactive in seeking expert advice. Buyer beware. I don't think it was meant to be an exhaustive explanation of every nuance and variation.
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    Watch This Before You Spend A Quarter Million On That Burst

    1 easy thing I noticed is where he said all Bursts have perfect center-seamed tops - not they don't! Many Bursts have the seam drifting towards the D string or the G string instead of perfectly centered between them.
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    1950's P-90 to PAF Les Paul Conversion

    I know you know this JJ :cheers: and it does happen, like on this original 1956:
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    Lp special 1959 tv yellow production # However, AFAIK there is no breakout of how many were red and how many were yellow. I *think* the red were more common. :cheers:
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    Caveat Emptor: Bizarre “Vintage LP” Being Peddled on Facebook

    Sounds like they're using an intact one to help sell that boogered one...?