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    2002 Gibson Les Paul ‘57 Reissue Custom Authentic.

    gold tops have always been the best sounding to me & this one looks incredible! had a great experience buying from ya @guitaraddict & glws
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    Incoming 2013 Traditional with Many Upgrades!

    my god that looks incredible
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    hey all sorry for the bump but adding some addition photos couldn’t edit original post
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    Gibson Les Paul Studio. (Your opinions please.)

    nothing wrong with that at all! hows it play?
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    sold. shipped CONT US ONLY Iced Tea Burst Epiphone Les Paul 60s Standard purchased new in January, has a small scratch on the headstock from string change, set up with NYXL 10s at the moment, low action, no fret buzz or finish blemishes. will include original box & warranty info, box candy etc...
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    Virus Preparation Thread

    some pretty generalised statements here that can be applied to well EVERY countries manufacturing practices (especially here in America) I’m not saying you shouldn’t be wary & protect yourselves but having a holier than thou attitude about it is definitely calling the kettle black lol.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    if you’re looking for 59 reissues, they are certainly out there but i think price/spec ratio these might be the best bet for a lot of us cause the MIJ’s I’ve seen are really up there in price (not unwarranted but damn!)
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    Traditional III PRO vs 2020 Classic

    if you like the look of the classic, I would go for it. At this stage the most important thing is getting time on the guitar, so I would pick whichever would inspire you to play & practice more.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    hey there & welcome. of the new 2020 Epi’s modern line are chambered, the inspired by are not. no idea if the new custom (not the custom pro FYI) has a long tenon but is definitely an ebony board & I believe it is CTS electronics & ProBucker pickups.
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    New Epiphone OR Used Gibson?

    before we even get to what’s on the headstock it should be said these are two fairly differently guitars. Do you like the look of LP Studios? The worn ones can look super cool with the wood grain showing through the finish & some of them are flat tops with solid finishes. Are you into...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    my unknowledgeable theory is that the CITES rosewood ban was lifted around late August of last year & didn’t go into effect until Nov, they may of had press material for the Indian Laurel boards already made up? The release stated at NAMM by Aljon was always summer so I don’t think April was...
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    Opinions On Goldtops

    Hey y’all I’ve been scouring the Internet with the intent on getting myself a goldtop, new or used, under $1000 USD. I have sort of narrowed it down from what I’ve found to a Gibson Tribute or an Epi 50s Standard, Epi 56 or Epi Joe Bona model, just curious what the good folk over here think...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    worst case scenario one can return it & I’m not really worried about the fretboard or the finish (I am a fan of the clowny looking cherry burst myself) but now I’m more confused than ever on the appointments these will have, Aljon seemed pretty proud of the specs at the NAMM preview & im sure...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    is anyone able to find the aged cherry for preorder? I’m only coming across the dark bursts myself, also I’ve gotten on fine with Indian Laurel myself but bummed that they touted these as coming with rosewood boards at NAMM & all the product write-ups specify Indian Laurel (here in the states...
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    Les Paul 60’s Standard (Photos + Impressions)

    haha that’s a great point! Saturday morn I sat down with it & did some final tweaks to the neck relief, action & innotation that was pretty satisfying, being my first brand new guitar (personal preference for used) enjoyed seeing all the shiny bits still shiny haha, makes mucking them up myself...