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    Kirk Hammet Greeny?

    I'm stoked to hear he rescued "Greeny" from storage-vault hell, that guitar belongs on stage at high volumes. Never would've imagined Kirk Hammett would be the new "custodian" of such an iconic instrument, but can't say I'm disappointed by the news one bit. He's a Gary Moore fan like most...
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    joe b black burst

    I also read the VG Facebook post.....either it's erroneous or Joe is snapping up all the cool toys, LOL
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    The Black Burst has stopped by for a visit!!!

    Sounds as good as it looks.....and man does it look good! Glad that the provenance of the guitar is there, and that no one has mistakenly stripped the black paint thinking it was the work of someone's foolish desires. As always, thanks for sharing with us!
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    Tom Scholz

    I was too young to have seen'em back in the late 70's and such(I didn't pop out 'til '74), but from having listened to them since my earliest recollection(which is about 1978), they SOUNDED great on the radio. From reading up on the band(and countless others) over the years, here's my...
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    9 0911 What happened to this poor girl? Anybody know?

    LPPilot, Mike sold this in the 90's, the current owner is somewhere in Ontario, Canada at last known point. Mike's just the one who got the most out of it, and given his recent passing, I felt compelled to make mention of it as he&that guitar will ALWAYS be linked regardless of whomever owns...
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    9 0911 What happened to this poor girl? Anybody know?

    It's kinda touch&go right now, but there IS the band website( could contact his brother Donnie via Facebook, possibly by going to Mike's page(Mike Donaldson) or the Big Mike Donaldson Memories fanpage. "Pray, Pray Pray" is from the "Ride Through the Badlands" CD...
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    9 0911 What happened to this poor girl? Anybody know?

    Hey gang....a sad bit of news. Big Mike Donaldson, one-time owner of 9 0911, has passed away today at age 57 of a heart attack. Guy was one hell of a fine human being and as fine a player as you could ask for. Spare a prayer/positive vibe/thought for his family, friends and...
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    robot tuners. how do you feel about them?

    I'd have to try one to have an unbiased opinion.....but honestly? It's not something that I'd see myself utilizing enough to justify having it. That, and I really don't have THAT much confidence in the DURABILITY of the system(or the long-term service support). It's neat for...
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    The Blackstar Club!!!

    Celestion 70/80(same for the Soloist 60).....there's better to be had, for sure, but they work for out-of-the-box. My buddy swapped his for an Eminence Commonwealth.....puts it into the old Peavey VT-series weight category, but sounds better than the 70/80. Probably will go ahead and get...
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    The Blackstar Club!!!

    Sitting here, debating the merits of the HT Club 40 and the HT Soloist 60. One or the other will get the nod.... I've played my co-guitarist's 60, in fact I turned him onto Blackstar(just happened at a time when he had the funds and I didn't).....KILLER amp, lots of tones/features and very...
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    Blackstar HT Club 40 or Marshall DSL40C?

    Honestly? I'd go for the Blackstar....lots of features/versatility that the Marshall simply doesn't have, and as time and musical tastes change, that Club 40 can roll with those changes. I'm wavering between a Club 40 or Soloist 60 as a replacement for my modded ValveKing 50-watt...both...
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    Should I sell my PRS for a Dr. Z?

    Muddy and fizzy...think I'd try a different some different tubes before I'd give up on it. Those PRS/Sewell amps are quite good, in fact... What brand/model speakers are in that cab? That right there could be the culprit as well...could have the amp to end all amps, but if the speakers...
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    Ed King on a 1954 Les Paul Goldtop

    Yep,started hearing about this one yesterday..he's having a 30-watter made by the cat that's doing the re-issues(with the blessing of Ken Fischer's family, think he was one of his assistants)......he's trying to peddle that '54 through Carter's, got weak at the knees playing this amp...
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    What's the hardest working pedal on your board?

    Either my ModTone MT-CT tuner or the Tubesceamer. I have a few others, but really don't use them for much..I've gigged more times than not with just the 2 listed above. The tuner comes in handy as a "mute" in-between songs...
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    NGD: Telecaster

    Could always get another control plate and load it with the pots/caps of your choice and a wired switch, if you're that concerned about originality(yes, still have to disturb solder joints to undo pickups and the jack hot/ground...). I'd try a set of 500k pots and a .047 cap, wired "50's...

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