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    thoughts on this?

    Great looking top, reminds me of the Skinner burst... a bit pricey though.
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    Best place to buy a Historic in Japan or US

    As far as I'm aware, the larger stores such as Ishibashi and Ikebe Gakki aren't shipping outside of Japan atm, and EMS isn't shipping to Australia, so you'll need to use a shipping company like DHL etc, which is really expensive (shipping costs have increased recently). Keep an eye for used...
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    Best place to buy a Historic in Japan or US

    ryeburst, I bought an Historic from Dave's a couple of months ago and it landed in Australia in less than a week. I highly recommend Dave's, their prices are as low as you'll find anywhere, their packaging is top notch, and Laun is very helpful and easy to deal with. I've also bought from...
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    Show your P90 Les Paul :)

    My 2021 R4
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    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Worst: Marshall Class 5 Best: Tone King Imperial MkII head/cab
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    2021 R4 Goldtop Truss Rod Question

    This is the trussrod nut on my 2021 R4. It's hard to see but there appears to be a similar amount of thread showing as yours. Btw congrats on your new R4, they're sensational guitars. Mine is without doubt the best sounding/playing Historic that I've owned, and it stacks up with the 4 original...
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    Plain tops need love too

    2000 R9
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    1955/59 Conversion

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    Chris Cornell has died at 52.

    Very sad loss, such a gifted singer. RIP
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    Are there any amps on your near, intermediate, or long-term lists?

    I'm gassing for a Carr Skylark, and wouldn't mind a Supro Black Magick or a Marshall Astoria as well.
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    The 2013 and 2014 "Plaintop" 1958 AND 1960 Historic Reissue Thread

    I have to say it... this is better than a 'show your R9' thread :naughty:
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    The 2013 and 2014 "Plaintop" 1958 AND 1960 Historic Reissue Thread

    Great subtle flame top... It looks very much like a real 1960 burst once owned by a friend.
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    Forgery fiasco!

    I know the current owner and I've played it, and although it's not very accurate by today's standards, it's a very good sounding (and great looking) guitar, providing you don't mind thin necks... it's a bit too thin for my liking.
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    Vintage Strat vs. Custom Shop comparison

    They both sounded great to me... as did your Jeff Beck-ish playing style in the second half of the clip :applause:

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