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    NPD EH English Muf'n

    I like the way 10 people could have that pedal and sound all the same =]
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    Suggestions for a Noise gate?

    I've just re-strung my Ibanez, so I've been really playing Metal. As I don't have a hi-gain pedal, I just go straight to the amp with my gigging cable. That cables is gonan still be mine when it's broke, it was tehre for me when I had my first gig ;D
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    My teacher has a 7 string Schecter, MY JAW DROPPED TO THE FLOOR :OOO
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    Solid-State Amp Suggestions?

    I play blues/hard rock and metal and country. I get all my gain from pedals cuz they're powerful enough. I want to play small gigs, but also practice at talking volumes for home.
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    Choosing a Guitar to mod.

    I have a Gretsch Electromatic solid top, which I love. I also have an Ibanez RG321MH, it has a rather convenient fixed bridge, but everything about both is stock. I really enjoy learning, so I really want to mod my own Guitar. Should I choose one of the Guitars I already have, or buy a new...
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    A Touch of Flavour

    'Decent Chorus' for my ears, hmm hard to find I guess.
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    Suggestions for a Noise gate?

    I bought teh cables from 'some other unknown brand' because they were thick and long for gigs. They hold up well.
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    NPD EH English Muf'n

    I like the high gain compressed sound. Sounds like a neck pickup with a tad more bite, but not a bridge pickup. Do they do a Non English Muff'n?
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    The Wall.

    Got the old acoustic out yesterday, CURED!
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    what pedals run @ 18 volts?

    Using my modded DS1 at 18v instead of 9v gives alot more of a clean sound, it makes it alot louder too.
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    New Pedal... weekend! MXR Phase 90

    Wow, looks like a good investment!
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    what pedals run @ 18 volts?

    So you can still use 9v pedals at 18v, but with a conditioner or something of course?
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    Suggestions for a Noise gate?

    Vin, I have a good MXR DC Brick, which is a power conditioner also, so no fried pedals here! I do use good cables, planetwaves and some other unknown brand that I like.
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    A Touch of Flavour

    Litle sumin ;]
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    My Zoom G1.X - Not a new pedal, not a heresy...

    You should write a few more reviews, you're brilliant! Maybe get a little project of reviews on Youtube or something :]

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