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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Natural finish 2019 Gibson Original 60s Les Paul Standard Unburst 1984 Schecter “Mercury” Strat 1984 Ovation collectors edition acoustic early 60s Goya 12 String acoustic, my first good guitar purchased new from Manny’s in NYC. plus a couple of ukulele’s and a 3...
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    I recently started using Bee Good Wood Oil which I learned about from Jerry Rosa’s Rosa String Works YouTube channel. It worked great on the rosewood fretboard of my Les Paul Standard which has been dry since birth, despite use of various fingerboard oils.
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    60s Knobs

    One of the differences between the 50s and 60s original Standards is the knobs. The 60s Original comes with reflector knobs. I’m beginning to think that a majority of 1960 Standards had the 59 style knobs though. The reflector knobs seem to only be on serial numbers somewhere above “0 7xxx”...
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    Clapton and Grover’s

    i just got a copy of Tony Bacons “The Gibson 335 Guitar Book,” and the picture of Claptons Es-335 that he played in the Royal Albert Hall final Cream performances got me wondering. The photo which was take around the time of the Crossroads auction shows he had modded it. It has Grover Rotomatic...
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    Which do you prefer for blues

    I love my two Les Pauls. When I was in high school one of my band mates, who turned me on to B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and the blues, went away to school and left his guitar in my care. It was either a 345 or 355, cherry red, stereo, with a varitone. I remember it fondly. I still want a cherry...
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    NGD 2020 Les Paul Standard 60s

    Very nice. I have a 2019 Unburst I got as soon as my local Sam Ash could transfer from another store when I came in on the release date. I too put on the period correct TRC. I also changed to the 50s style knob to make it an early 1960 like Clapton’s Beano Burst. I have a set of uncovered...
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    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    I’ve always liked the 351 shape in medium. Either Gibson or Fender (I suspect these are/were actually re-branded Dunlops). Lately I like Jazz 3s, but I wish they were a little bit bigger. They are just too small to park them by weaving one between the g, b, and e strings.
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    Les Paul's Number One goes for $930,000 at Christie's

    One of B.B. King's ES-355s was also in the same auction with the same estimated 100-150K range fetched $625.000 Christies Auction result page
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    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    Not all Norlin Gibsons were made in Kalamazoo. The Nashville plant opened in 1974, and the two plants operated in parallel until Norlin sold Gibson to Rooney Pace and Piezoelectric Products in 1983, and the Kalamazoo factory closed. Gibson Timeline
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    Swap the magnet?

    If his 79 LP Custom is anything like mine it already has a maple neck.
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    WD-40 on potentiometers

    Contact cleaner is really for switches, it can actually damage pots by dissolving the lubricants. There are products better for pots like deoxit faderlube
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    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    An Original 60s Standard would have come from the factory with BurstBuckers and wouldn’t have the PAF decals
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    Peter Frampton "The Phenix" Custom Shop Model

    Gibson TV just published an interview with Peter Frampton my understanding is that this i neither Custom Shop nor a limited run. It’s a Gibson USA model which will stay in the catalog.
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    EB-1 pickup question

    Thanks, interesting stuff. 30K dc resistance! 250,000 winds!
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    EB-1 pickup question

    I was looking around lately for info on the original Gibson electric violin shaped bass, the EB-1. I seem to remember seeing a picture of one with the pickup cover removed which showed a single coil, but.the coil was rotated 90 degrees around the axis running through the width of the body. Was...

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