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    School me on "metal guitars"

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    Considering buying a 2012 R0, looking for thoughts on the price.

    Hope you get it looks sweet..:yesway:
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    My Historic Makeover

    Man, its hard to believe that top was under of the nicest refins I've seen..cant wait to see more pics after it shows up.....Congrats...:dude:
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    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    Very sweet looks Incredible man..good job and Congrats..✌
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    HNGD: '81 Custom Silverburst

    Wow..super nice LP right there..Congrats..
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    So no one was asking for it........

    Cool looking LP..i like it man..
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    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    Love Heritage Cherry and that one nails it..Congrats..!!!..✌
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    1959 Blackburst

    Wow..what a cool guitar man..that's some history right there..Thanks..✌
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    Historic Les 'em!

    My 55 hot mod w/ aged gold speed knobs..:naughty:
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    NGD - 2014 R-8

    Nice..nothing better than a killer looking plaintop...and I'm sure it sounds fantastic..I think I see a hint of flame in there too..Congrats man..:yesway:
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    incoming NGD: Gretsch G6609 Players Edition Broadkaster

    WoW..that is stunning...Congrats..!!!.
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    Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX gets a new life..

    Very nice Explorer..killer price too.. i think Epi. Explorers are pretty much on par with gibson..anyway, Congrats..that is sweet..!!!..
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    NGD: Ibanez RG550 Genesis Desert Sun Yellow

    Love ibanez..I've owned an ESP, a few CS Jacksons, ect..but man these RG's are sweet...this is a 2013 RG3520..what a Great guitar..!!.
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    NGD - Historic 58 2018 Royal Teaburst arrived!

    Very sweet LP..I love it..and yes, the Historics are truly special guitars..Congrats..:yesway:
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    NGD + several months. '57 Black Beauty Ri - Yet another update

    I like it with the all black pups..very cool..that is a beauty...Congrats..:yesway:

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