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    FS/FT- Reinhardt V50 with Power Scaling

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Reinhardt V50 Standard Voice with Power Scaling amp head is about two years old. It's in excellent condition with no marks or scratches and everything works perfectly. It has new matched Winged-C EL34 & JJ...
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    FS- Custom 1X12 Unloaded Cab

    I bought this Custom Solid Pine Cab with Black Tolex and Salt & Pepper Grill cloth new about three years ago. It's a great sounding solid cab and in excellent condition with no marks or scratches on it. The dimensions are, Width=19" X Hight=19" X Depth=10 1/2". It has a top handel, metal...
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    FS/FT- 62 Gibson SG Historic - Factory Grovers, Plus Upgrades

    To answer a few questions, Yes I'm willing to sell it without some or all the upgraded parts and no I can't find the COA.
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    FS/FT- 62 Gibson SG Historic - Factory Grovers, Plus Upgrades

    This is a 2006 "Custom Authentic" model 62 Gibson SG with Factory Grovers. It's in excellent condition with no nicks or dings and comes with the TKL case. These where the guitars that were finished first, then custom shop aged. This is a very authentic looking and feeling guitar with really...
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    Ordered an R8!

    Thats a great looking LP, R8's have always been my favorite.
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    Pickup cover thickness?

    I remember reading a thread awhile ago where Throbak or Wolfetone was discussing the thickness of Nickel pick-up covers. I would just send one of them a PM to find out.
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    What Range Do You Ride Your Volume Controls

    Most of the time my neck is somewhere between 5 & 8 and the bridge is between 7 & 10
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    Best pedal tuner

    I've tried or used most of the tuners listed so far and really like the way the Sonic Research ST-200 tracks the best.
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    Burstbucker Outputs

    My 2002 R8: Neck-8.16 & Bridge-8.51
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    New Parts New Pics!! R8 upgrade Content

    This looks great, I really like what you've done to it.
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    R8 and schallers?

    This works great anytime you have a screw hole in wood thats a little over sized or striped out, I also like to put a little wood working glue on the toothpick before I put it in the hole. Schallers are definitely worth the extra effort to mount them.
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    Historic Gibson Faux Bumblebee Caps

    How is "Historic Spec Bumble Bee Capacitors" Gibson's own product name for then not claiming they're real spec'd bee's?
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    RS pots and caps in SG Standard

    I put RS Pots & Caps in my R8 and 61 SG reissue. They made a huge improvement in both of them.
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    Historic Gibson Faux Bumblebee Caps

    That really is messed up that a company would do that.
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    What do you think of this R9

    That's a great looking R9 and I really like it with out the pickguard.

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