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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    Yeah that is a nice top on that thing!! I have one in Bourbon Burst too but not nearly as nice of a top as your's. I must have gotten the plainest top i've seen out of them all ! I just cleaned mine up today and ready for new strings....
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    2015 1960 Tribute Plus

    That is a really nice looking guitar man!! I guess if you can deal with the neck profile go for it. I have a 2016 standard and it has that slim tapper neck profile. Prob the thinnest neck i have ever seen on a LP!!
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    Congrats man!! Very nice! Can't tell from the angle but it looks like you got a nice top on that one. Have a great weekend playing with your new guitar man. Post more pics :)
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    Whole Lotta Humbuckers??

    yeah i have a set of the APH2's in a 50s LP they sound great .. my gibson slash deff sound diff from those. i have 2 of those 59 outfit guitars epi put out and i'm looking to replace the BBs in one of them. I have thought about another set of APH2s for the guitar. the guy i got the guitar from...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    I had one of these on back order for months and they never got it in stock so i wound up just grabbing the slash instead. kinda regret not waiting but with the JB 59 maybe it will be easier to obtian one without a 6 month wait!!!
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    Whole Lotta Humbuckers??

    I put the gibson slash in my custom with a 50s harness they dont sound too bad at all.. i think i will try these WLHs i've always heard people talking about these and those other ones which i can't remember off hand. thx man
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    Whole Lotta Humbuckers??

    thx man thats what i wanted to hear!! been eyeballing them for about a month now. i beleive they are just the production run you can buy now a days...
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    epiphone zebras

    I recently pulled the covers off my 2020 Pro Buckers 2 n 3 and i wound up with both being blk which is what i was hoping. I have heard people having the sam experience as you had one zibra one blk or even both zibra....
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    Whole Lotta Humbuckers??

    Hey Guys Looking at a couple sets of pick ups for one of my LP's ... I think my taste is changing in my old age cause the usual SD JB n 59 just isn't cutting it anymore. I recently bought a 490r 490t kit PCB toggle output jack and all the screws and plastics. I put this kit in my classic (...
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    2009 Standard vs 2020 Classic

    oh we are talking about the 2020 classic not 2020 in genral.. totally my bad man. I picked one up last yr from GC for 229 bucks with a case. the guitar had been dropped and took a decent sized chunk out of the back of the guitar. they had epoxied it back in and sold the thing dirt cheap. I would...
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    Epiphone ProBucker Pickup review

    Up date on the pro buckers 2 n 3 i removed the covers from and put them in my chibson. The PBs sounded great with the covers on so it's no suprise that they sound great with the covers off.. Before the chibson sounded very metalish with no tone with the SD JB n 59 in the guitar. Now with the...
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    2009 Standard vs 2020 Classic

    The 50's 2020 standard is a beast of a guitar! I have modded the shit out of mine but even stock it was very playable. I got rid of all my pre 2020 epi's cept for one . go with the 2020/21 models epiphone is on a roll right now!! this is my 2020 standard. love this thing!!
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    Epi Les Paul 50s vs 1959

    my slash isn't as chunky as my 50's guitar... the 50's standard also has the long neck tenon but yeah no case...
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    Face lift for my Custom

    Pretty happy with the results. The guitar plays nice. I still have a few tweeks i need to do to it but she's dialed in pretty good now. I love these Gibson Slash pups I think they sound as good as the SD APH2's. Gibson did a good job with these. I would of been happy with these in the Gibson's...
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    NEW Epiphone Les Paul Custom Blackback Limited-Edition Electric Guitar Antique Ivory

    I bought one of these models for my brother on his 50th B-Day though it was a 2020 it came with the old head stock. I never got to play the guitar but it deff looks cool and now with the new headstock and ebony board i think i want one now!!

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