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    Dog Bites Woman

    Although its warning was immediate and subtle, that dog clearly said 'get the eff outta my face' before snapping at her. The snap was likely a warning as well, that dog could have caused real harm, had it intended to. People forget that dogs are wolves...
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    ******* **** ****

    Curb Your "Tourette's Syndrome" - YouTube
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    all explorer's thread ^^

    It's still in some distant far off future, but dang, I want an Explorer... Played one for the first time recently and really dug it. The neck felt great and the body balanced surprisingly well. So what are the differences, if any, between the '76 reissues and the current production model I...
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    'Time of my life': Last known WWI veteran dies at 110

    I know more people died in the Second World War, and that the American Civil War was awfully gruesome, but I think World War I is probably the most brutal and terrifying in my mind. Tanks, machine guns, chemical weapons, I cannot even imagine witnessing those for the first time as a soldier...
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    What's For Supper Tonight?

    Picked up a Persian cook book recently, thinking about cooking something from that. Perhaps a savory lamb thing. Or just leftover wet burritos..
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    NG/GD 4 Roberteaux

    Very nice Rob, you look stoked! Your collection looks great, lots of reds and bursts, good stuff!!
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    Sorry more - Any photographic medium experts here?

    Before reading the entirety of your description, my first thought was 'this is a tintype'. Since your relatives were tinsmiths, well, that just seems fitting. The metal looks a bit worn, has it oxidised at all? That might be why you're not able to view it as a positive. The one thing that...
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    Need an opinion from some guys here

    Screw the Hyundai, get this instead..
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    Two Years in the Making...Ask Fezziwig

    Have you watched 'The 5 Obstructions' yet?
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    Your next target for gear ?

    I'd like to get a different amp soon. I'm sure you're all familiar with the 'I should just spend the extra hundred and get 'X' instead' line of thinking. In all likely hood I'd be fine with the Super Champ XD, but after an hour of browsing on-line I've convinced myself nothing less than the...
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    Is it going to happen?

    Dempsey Told Israelis U.S. Won't Join Their War on Iran. Dempsey is the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff. He qualifies it by saying 'without prior agreement from Washington' so I suppose that still leaves wiggle room. Still, I'm glad someone's sort of toning down the sabre rattling...
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    My personal top 10 Iron Maiden songs

    In no particular order.... Number of the Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name Run to the Hills Where Eagles Dare To Tame a Land The Trooper Flight of Icarus 2 Minutes to Midnight Rime of the Ancient Mariner Honorable Mention: Phantom of the Opera and Fear of the Dark
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    Anyone ever have a dreamkiller in their lives?

    Cheers to you beersiii for having a good jam and good buddies that pulled through for you! Best of luck with the work situation too. At times, I think I'm my own best dream killer. Sparrow's quote of Paulo Coelho resonates pretty strongly. It's too easy to just let time pass and become...
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    Post a pic of your pet

    Too cool! We had border collies when I was growing up, a black and white one, and a red one like yours! Very special/amazing dogs. Good on you for 'working' yours too, it pains me to see them as city pets, cooped up and confined. Ours had crazy endurance and wanted nothing more than to herd...

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