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    Axcess deal?

    Yeah. ummmma.. Figured you might be ready for a new one by now lol. Sorry bout that
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    Limited Gibson Custom Les Paul Axcess

    5399 shipped Hand Selected top w Ebony fret board push pull tone knobs for coil splitting Absolutely flawless
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    Axcess deal?

    check out the purple one on reverb
  4. Ratmaster

    Lee Roy Parnell 59 Les Paul Standard

    Killer one on Reverb right now!
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    Axcess Owners?

    Thanks bud! I appreciate that!
  6. Ratmaster

    Axcess Owners?

    Instagram @rratmaster I have a couple if you are still looking
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    WTB Blue burst silver sparkle Gibson Les Paul Custom

    I believe I might have one. Dm me on instagram @rratmaster
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    DJ Ashba Gibson Les Paul Signature Model

    Anyone know of one for sale out there?
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    Axcess or Schon...?

    TZD that Black Beauty is killer. Looks almost like this one! :slash:
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    CC 29 incoming

    Nicest Tamio I've seen so far...and the cheapest
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    CC 29 Tamio Okuda announced

    This one is SICK,
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    Gibson Custom Shop Ron Wood L5-S

    Is this a good deal for this one?
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    Gibson Custom Shop Ron Wood L5-S

    NICE GUITAR! I'm starting to see them on reverb :thumb:
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    NGD: Les Paul Custom Iguana Burst

    I just seen another on reverb. Very rare and hard to find. Beautiful guitar!
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    Looking for an Axcess

    In case you are still in the market and while they are on sale

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