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    Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axcess - Monster Flame!

    Axcess is sold...! :thumb:
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    Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axcess - Monster Flame!

    Not really looking for any trades, but thanks. .
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    Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axcess - Monster Flame!

    I am the original owner - guitar is basically new. It has never left my smoke free home and has seen minimal play time. I waited a long time to find this guitar, based on it's killer top. I was pleasantly surprised to find it's also a complete tone monster with tons of sustain. You will not be...
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    how to bypass this Windows 8 start up screen

    Just download "Classic shell". It's free and it kicks ass. You can customize it anyway you want, but the default is pretty much exactly like Win 7. You get the classic start menu back... everything. Mine boots right to my desktop. I love this laptop now. It's like a much better, much...
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    tons of Windows 8 tips/tweaks

    I got Win 8 on a new laptop a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't crazy about the whole apps approach, although I was getting used to it. But I just downloaded "Classic shell" and now it's fantastic - you get all the classic windows features (start menu, control bars etc..) which are tweakable...
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    People who do this are really ****ed up!!!

    In my experience, most parents truly want what's best for their kids and are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make that happen, including their own happiness. There are plenty of people out there asking themselves every day, whether it's worse for their kids to see mom and dad...
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    New Lifeson Axcess is noisy

    It does have the Piezo pull-bypass, and I do like being able to blend the pickups with the piezo, so your mod is out for me - sounds very cool though. I haven't had a chance to open it up yet but will do so soon and post gut shots. I'm thinking this flaky 3 way switch is involved somehow.
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    New Lifeson Axcess is noisy

    It looks great, plays great, tone and sustain are fantastic, but as soon as I plug it in I get tons of hiss, even with the volume completely rolled off. My other guitars are dead quiet. It makes no difference whether the piezo is bypassed or not. I haven't had time to look into it yet, but...
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    Porn crisis looming?

    I sure hope they can get it worked out. I'm certainly pulling for them. :cool:
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    Gig difficulties and advice thread

    Honestly it sounds like a salvageable situation. Make a tape of the next practice so he can hear it for himself, then have a band meeting with everyone agreeing that he needs a different guitar - one that stays in tune. Teach him how to use it and run his cord through his strap and it seems...
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    Dealers posting on Ebay?

    Thanks for the offer! I was able to get in touch with the guy through Ebay and it turns out that he is an authorized dealer. He just uses a fake Ebay handle to avoid getting reprimanded by Gibson. He is also nowhere near Ventura CA, as his Ebay listing states. I'm able to buy it direct...
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    Dealers posting on Ebay?

    Who are these guys that post new Gibsons on Ebay, but state they are not dealers, so there is no warranty? If they are not dealers, how are they getting new Gibsons? I know in at least one case, it is a Gibson dealer who's Ebay handle is an alt to the store's official Ebay handle. I'm sure...

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