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    List your guitars and the pickups in ém!

    1976 LP Custom - Will Boggs VHTP's 2000 LP Elegant - Will Boggs Reverends 1985 Kramer Baretta - Will Boggs Reverend 1995 Fender Strat - Fender Texas Specials What can I say but Will sucked as a business man but God he could make a pickup!
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    RIP JJ Cale.

    A hometown legend, Tulsa Oklahoma. RIP Mr. Cale!
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    The line goes from Oklahoma city all the way past the Kansas, Oklahoma border producing tornado's up and down the line.
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    Your right about that! Been through there one time very young on vacation going to Colorado and no need to ever go back there again. When they say out in the middle of nowhere that's exactly what that is!
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    None taken. :) I have witnessed Tornado's, flooding, monsoon rain from hurricanes coming up from the gulf of Mexico, drought with two months of over 100 degree heat, earthquakes, (yes earthquakes, two of them the strongest one was around 5.6) and temps from 115 to 5 below zero in my lifetime...
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    The one that went through my neighborhood was in December! :shock:
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    I live in east Tulsa and back in the early 70's a F1 tornado hit my neighborhood, just two houses down from me. Scared the hell out of me and that was as small as they come. Then a few years later just under a mile from the same spot watched a F3 come out of the sky and reeked havoc but no loss...
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

    Yes that was Broken Arrow. Storms are already popping tornado's on the ground as we speak! (Sung to the tune of Oklahoma) Ooooooooklahoma where the wind will surely blow your ass away!
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    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

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    Devastating tornado in Moore OK

    Calling this the Largest Tornado ever recorded in US history...2 1/4 miles wide..between NewCastle and Moore Okla. A monster is the only way to describe this!
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Thanks Shagnwagon!
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    The Maxon chorus isn't on the board anymore and I plug into the Fromel eq first because of the buffer and everything else is hooked up to the looper. Fromel E.Q., Sonic Research Turbo Tuner, Area 51 drop in wah kit, Retro-Sonic delay and chorus, Isp Decimator, Custom made Loopmaster 4 loop and...
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    Tobacco Burst

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    76 Custom New Pic's

    The only thing original on the guitar believe it or not is the tuners. The pickguard went on in the late seventies along with a brass jack plate. Cream poker chip, Gibson ABR bridge and Gotoh aluminum tailpiece with steal studs. I had to replace the volume and tone knobs because I couldn't...

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