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    Looks like survivors are able to be, and in some cases are being reinfected. That or they weren’t actually well to begin with
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    Dave Smith / Sequential Circuits stuff is fantastic and you can find some that are inexpensive used. For an entry level device you can get a Mopho dirt cheap but you’d need a keyboard or sequencer. You can probably find a used Prophet ‘08 in a similar price to the others you mention, then...
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    Vegan Fundamentalism

    That’s kinda awkward when you take a potential client out for a dinner to angle for their business and they want steak but you can’t afford to pay for it and not get reimbursed. “Why didn’t we get this account??!!!” He wasn’t a vegetarian and I have kids.
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    Heavy metal turns 50 today.

    I’d always thought Fairies wear boots was a beef tune shit talking Judas Priest.
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    Elon Musk Bulldozers Forest!

    My man, Henry Winkler is STILL cool
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    The Friendly Skies...

    I’ve had people try to recline in my lap when they didn’t fit. My legs barely make it without the seat reclined, it’s not possible to recline in an airline sitting in front of me. Reclining the seat crushes my legs, and I’m not riding with my legs crushed for any amount of time let alone an...
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    now I aint saying she a gold digger....

    Man, so he’s engaged to a woman who is moving in. He gets a text message from Pam Anderson hey let’s get married. He’s like hey honey I know we’re engaged and you’re moving in, but gtfo. 12 days later he’s crying. oh no he got dropped after spending 200k to pay off debt. I don’t know why I...
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    Fix my flat. Not Firestone.

    @fett I know you have a Les Schwab nearby, I had good experiences with them in your area, seems like the closest thing to a Discount Tire in that neck of the woods.
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    I would think to myself, I don’t care how much he can afford you just write up your generic form as good as you can, and ask the court to decide what payment timeframe is reasonable. But I’m not a lawyer and that’s not legal advice. If you can’t spend the money on a lawyer for this, but want...
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    i wonder how many have been confirmed to have it and are recovered.
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    So who owns your feature?

    That is bullshit. This is going to create lawsuits. You’d have to agree to a terms of service before being able to start the car. You understand features may not always be available if they don’t match the Tesla database for what we think you paid for. They may be removed at any time at our...
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    It’s clearly drunk.
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    I’ve never seen “Dumb and Dumber”

    I’ll watch anything with Jim Carey in it at least once.
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    Need help on a trade deal - 2 335 gibby for a PRS

    335s are badass but I don’t know that I could let that PRS go.
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    Need QUICK advice on the value of a Gibson V, Japanese Limited Edition

    Idk I’d have to be clearly making a profit to trade something I didn’t want for something else I didn’t want. You’re gonna have to do a trade and still sell something. What makes it worth it?