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    Best way to clean a realy filty guitar

    Don’t forget naphtha is safe for finishes but bad for you. It’ll work great though!
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    Best way to clean a realy filty guitar

    I like Dunlop 65 to cut through thick crud. Don’t get it on your clothes or furniture and I recommend wearing gloves to keep it off your skin too. Otherwise old tshirts with warm soapy water can help too, just go in spots and dry as you go.
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    This seems like overkill.

    Two gunmen and the person was shot “as many as” 64 times which tells me the guys were using uzis and they emptied the guns. I’d be shocked if the victim really caught all 64 but I’m sure it was enough that who could tell otherwise.
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    Lightning Strikes!

    That happened to my aunt decades ago. Everyone was fine but very scared and it was quite memorable. They didn’t keep going, but there was only minor damage to the car. Great to see it on video, it looked just like they’d described!!
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    the canal blockage of 2021.

    I wouldn’t agree that there are very many more people out and about than usual for a summer. It’s actually a pretty common occurrence for people who retire from a well-paying “regular-hours” office job to suddenly realize they never paid attention to how many shift workers there are. 10:30am...
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    Bit the Mac Air bullet...

    I’m not using the m1 just an intel chipset but I got the notice from Avid that Protools is supposed to work great on the m1 now. I’ve been very happy with my subscription, although Avid support could maybe be 100% more responsive. I like the audio workflow of Protools much better than Logic...
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    Bit the Mac Air bullet...

    Pro users still respect Apple. Maybe more than ever. They’re the only computer company I know of that builds their flag ship computers in Texas. Semi-pro still respect Apple too they just can’t afford what they want to buy. But they couldn’t afford an SGI either, so things aren’t so different.
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    Sitzprobe tomorrow

    Be sure to ask them for the ribbed one.
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    Does use interface + laptop and multiple VSTs?

    Yes it works as long as you have no computer problem or thermal slow down / shutdown or whatever.
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    Having a drink with my best mate...

    Be careful that bench doesn’t give it a spot on its neck.
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    Bacon anyone??

    I’m not very good at math, and I don’t drink coffee. How many kilograms of coffee do you drink in the morning? How much radiation does one actually receive standing next to a countertop? Also is there cesium contamination in a cup of coffee? My understanding was eating something that’s been...
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    How would you feel if..

    Great photo! You could sell it on merch. It’s gonna get stolen on the internet no matter what but if you have an “official” option it’ll be the most profitable scenario, in the event you care. But it’s not the cow that everyone likes, it’s your picture OF a cow.
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    Starting to think about a new dog.

    Best dogs I’ve ever had came literally right off the street.
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    Mr Jetson - your car is here!

    Absolutely would be required to be licensed for experimental aircraft at minimum. It wouldn’t surprise me if this isn’t allowed to be flown over populated areas either, I’m not able to think of any other aircraft that size that would be.

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