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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    Almost done with this one. Finished up wooden pup rings, and knobs. Quick intonation test on the Mojoaxe compensated wrap tail. Just have to ream the tuners for the bushings and this one will get shipped off to the deep south. LOL That's what I call it anyway. Hard maple knobs cut on the...
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    1950's vs 1960's Wraparound Bridge

    Here is a new install of a Mojoaxe compensated wrap tail. Can't say enough about Dan at mojoaxe. Great customer service, quality, and quick shipping. Cheers Peter.
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    Is there any "leeway" in fret heights?

    I'm not sure what that is but I would not use it for "leveling" the frets. I use the Stew Mac fret leveling beam. It's 16" long and thin and I use 320 grit paper on it. I also use this as Dave suggests. Normally only takes a few swipes in the string path direction. IMO the fret rocker is...
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    Wraparound bridge placement? Do I add to the scale length?

    Is this a new build? Do you have the bridge? I like to set intonation before drilling. I have a cheap trapeze tailpiece that I setup with the strings and place the bridge where it needs to be for intonation then drill. It's a little trickier if you are using a wrap tail because the strings...
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    Sorry - these are going to be unfinished. As is the whole guitar. The guy for which I am building will be finishing and doing all the final fitting and sanding. More like a kit that I set the neck and located the bridge. Cheers Peter.
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    re-sawing on the bandsaw - recommendations

    I did really like it when I had it. I don't mind spending the $$$ but I have to figure out definitively why it broke. I'm trying to work with the local rep. He seems good and says he doesn't mind stopping by and checking out my setup. But he has said this multiple times now and I'm not...
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    Intonation and Low Nut Height

    Ever tried true temperament frets? AFAIK this is the only way to get accurate intonation up and down the board. If you are only talking about open strings, then I'm sure a compensated nut is the way to go but fret one string and you are gonna be slightly off. I usually do intonation with the...
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    re-sawing on the bandsaw - recommendations

    Yeah - that's one of the ones I broke after very little use. Not much point in extolling the virtues of sharpening multiple times if it breaks way before the carbide needs to be sharpened. This is a bit of a long story and didn't necessarily want to get into it. I purchased this Laguna...
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    re-sawing on the bandsaw - recommendations

    Good morning everyone. I've got some re-sawing to do. I picked up some ebony, rosewood, and some curly maple as well the other day. I also have some walnut, pine, and cedar, that I would like to re-saw. The ebony and rosewood will be quite short, for fret boards, so about 3" re-saw height...
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    Question regarding size of 58 style V pickguard

    Who doesn't use CAD?? :D Explorer pick guard - 37.31 - 0.2 ( switch hole) = 37.11 sq. in. Oops - you said V pick guard. Hold on.... Flying V pickguard - 37.25 - 0.43 (pot and switch holes) = 36.82 sq. in. Cheers Peter. PS - Explorer and Flying V guards are almost the same...
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    round 2 - cut on CNC - much better fit on this OX4 pickup - and in the bridge position - I am happy with this one and happy that do not have to go to round 3. :thumbs: Cheers Peter.
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    Updated CAD - after measuring a few pups and pup rings. They seem to be quite consistent, which is nice. I modified the design a little bit and modeled in Fusion 360. Cheers Peter.
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    You can have this one for free! :thumbs:
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    Fat neck Les Paul build

    Setup the stock in the CNC - and the finished ring - The ring is much whiter in person. I had the window open and the morning light is a little orange. I was quite happy with the way these turned out... Until I tried to put a pickup inside DOAH. I had this ring model done previously...
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    Forearm Contour Binding Channel with Pin Router

    I don't even have to model the binding channel. Just follow the guitar edge and offset depth and thickness. Cheers Peter.

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