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  • Hi Peter ,

    I'm a new member here from Finland . Goocarts SG model looks very good and clean 3D model and I'd like to have a look at it . I use Rhino when I have to build something in 3D and I'm planning on building Les Paul for CNC router . Probably going to build SG first to get familiar with the CNC router . Let me know if you can share it .

    Thanks ,
    Hi Peter,

    I am interested in one of your vintage LP peghead templates if they're still available.
    Also, I was at Tom Bartlett's today and was inquiring if anyone makes a rule of 18 LP fretting template for use in a miter box like LMI.
    He thought that you might have something.
    Let me know.
    Hi Peter, wondering how I would get ahold of you about making me a headstock template? Heard you make them. I’m from Guelph.
    Hello Mr Cheers Peter, i come from Greece,
    you can send me the PDF Plans of Les Paul Gibson ?

    Best Regards
    Bill Pap Luthier
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