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  • Peter, I have built a couple of DIY CNC router machines and have been experimenting with RC Aircraft parts and sign making. I have always dreamed of creating my own guitar with my CNC which should be big enough. Would it be possible to share your files for the 660? I'd love to see if I could turn out a beauty like this, I do not have an electric 12 in my collection never mind a Rickenbacker! Steve
    Hi Peter ,

    I'm a new member here from Finland . Goocarts SG model looks very good and clean 3D model and I'd like to have a look at it . I use Rhino when I have to build something in 3D and I'm planning on building Les Paul for CNC router . Probably going to build SG first to get familiar with the CNC router . Let me know if you can share it .

    Thanks ,
    Hi Peter,

    I am interested in one of your vintage LP peghead templates if they're still available.
    Also, I was at Tom Bartlett's today and was inquiring if anyone makes a rule of 18 LP fretting template for use in a miter box like LMI.
    He thought that you might have something.
    Let me know.
    Hi Peter, wondering how I would get ahold of you about making me a headstock template? Heard you make them. I’m from Guelph.
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