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    Cherry Red ‘71 LPC

    Not a 71, its a very late 73 or most probably a 74. Eventually early 75...
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    New beat up old guitar day..

    Nice one, congrats! I have had a similar ebony 1978, it was very heavy and fairly bright sounding.
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    1978 Les Paul Custom

    Yes, the pickup combination would be real, but rare (even in chaotic 70s). I have seen some with Tarback and T-Top combo.
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    1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom No longer available

    Clearly a 75, even late one. Interesting is, that they used again for a short while a 98xxxx or higher 9xxxxx serials. So 9xxxxx serials were only used in 70/early 71 and then for a short time in late 75.
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    Kalamazoo Les Pauls were still very similar to 68/69s in 1970 and 1971. The same electronics, the same lower neck angles (generally got higher in late 71), often fat necks on 70 and 71 Les Pauls. Still wood veneers on headstock etc. Same finishes... In later 70s, both Kalamazoo and Nashville...
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    This theory is interesting, but why would they put the extra pancake layer just under maple cap? At first it started in 69 before the second center layer appeared. :hmm:
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    1976 Deluxe Kalamazoo or Nashville made?

    Trblake - this one is a very late 73 or early 74 with this cavity (started in very late 73) and even pots. Congrats, ita a 73/74 Deluxe. My late 73 Custom has such cavity too.
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    1969 LPC by eBay seller Rockkystar

    Something about the neck finish, headstock and binding yellowing and some other signs too seems very fishy...
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    1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom, all original, EU only

    Very good all original condition, no cracks or breaks, fairly lightweight too with precise 10lbs or 4.45 kg. Original case too,loud and resonant Les Paul. More photos are here at my Reverb add:
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    EU sellers' thread

    Selling my 73 Les Paul Custom in all original condition. See the Reverb add here, for more info and photos.
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    UK sellers thread

    Selling my 73 Les Paul Custom in all original condition. See the Reverb add here, for more info and photos.
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    1968 Les Paul custom vintage.

    PM sent...
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    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    Most 70-74 i had were in 9.5 - 10.5 lbs range. The heaviest ones i played or had were from late 70s or especially early 80s.
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    Fat Neck Norlin LP?

    Most fat necked Norlin era Les Paul were from years 1970 and 1971.

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