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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    There were plenty of vegan and gluten-free options at Kroger last night. :run:
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    The Wuhan virus is one hell of a bio-weapon from China. Then you consider how long it stays around and people crowded trying to get things at Walmart and bam, exponential growth potential. I have a relative in their 90s who just went to a nursing home about 1800 miles away and I can't do...
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    WWE Diversity Strategy not working

    wamen wrasslers should just be thots like in the good ol' days
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    New Chappelle standup on Netflix

    I thought it was pretty good, but he was still too tame. I only watched it after the SJWs started going crazy and after I saw it I thought, that's it? Either it was overhyped or the snowflakes are oversensitive to ANYTHING.
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    Epstein is dead

    He was the billionaire hedge fund manager but no one knows how he actually made his billions or what funds he managed. He came out of nowhere and all of a sudden was running pedo island.
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    Epstein is dead

    Another one added to the body count
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    Is there a way to lose weight without effort?

    Cut calories. I reduced my breakfast and lunch to about 600 calories total and then I still eat whatever I want for dinner. I never snack though. Count your calories. Think about everything you eat in a day then exercise moderately and cut about 500 calories a day. You will lose about 2-3 lbs a...
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    Lick it and go to jail

    Blue Bell should also be charged for using that corn syrup shit instead of sugar.
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    US military thinking about changing to Keto diet

    Keto is a cult. They're almost as annoying as vegans.
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    I have the BE-OD pedal and it's great, but the problem is that it makes you want a Friedman amp!
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    Well... nevermind. I'm a new home owner as well and need to deal with my fence situation (worse than I thought) so no amp for now... maybe I'll get a cheap drum set instead hah
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    I don't know what low gain means. I can never have enough gain. :dude: I think the Dirty Shirley has the least amount of gain and then the PT-20 and Runt have more, but JJ Jr has the most. The JJ Jr is voiced to be more aggressive since it's a mini JJ-100 (which is based on the BE-100). I'm a...
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    I really want that JJ Jr now hot damn!
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    I got GAS for a Friedman and not sure on the main adv and disadv of a PT vs Runt 20. I know the Runt has the XLR stuff, but I'm curious on your take on which one is better for you. I've been dealing with new-home-owner stuff and I need some fun (dealing with a storm-destroyed fence). Edit...
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    Thrones S8 Premier Tonight!

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