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    My 1st R9!!!!!!

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    Call for Submissions: Burst Reissue Book

    Cool. I'm in. Email sent with a link to all photos from the Historic Makeover SmugMug Gallery--hope that is ok.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    Sweetwater is pretty much out of everything.
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    Aging an Uncovered 'Bucker?

    I have success aging metal parts with PCB Etchant. But I have an uncovered humbucker I'd like to age for my HM. Has anyone aged an uncovered humbucker? How did you do it? Pics appreciated.
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    A tale of two Melody Makers

    I had a Melody Maker. It was a fun guitar. I ditched the stock pickup and installed a height adjustable soapbar P-90 and gold reflectors.
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    Show me your HM Iced Tea or Dirty Lemonburst LP’s!

    Here's my HM Deluxe Makeover in Ice Tea. Started life as an R7.
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    2020 SG Standard '61 - Frets Glued?

    It's brand new, not pulling the frets. Plan is to have my luthier wick in CA glue if Gibson isn't gluing them in. Unnecessary if they use fish glue...just need confirmation.
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    2020 SG Standard '61 - Frets Glued?

    Just got a new SG Standard '61. Does anyone know if Gibson glues the frets in on these? And if so, what kind of glue is used? Thanks!
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    2003 les Paul classics

    My 2000 has a 500T in the bridge. It's hot. 14k sounds about right.
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    Truss Rod Adjustment - Neck keeps moving

    Tightened the truss rod on my Edwards LP (about 1/8 of a turn) yesterday afternoon. Seems the neck is taking considerably longer to settle than I am used to. I keep going back to find the tuning sharp, retune, come back hours later and I'm sharp again. Checked tuning just now (a day later)...
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    Replacement Cream Pickup Rings - Edwards

    Ok, I give up. Got "cream" Allparts rings, they are the exact same banana yellow rings as the Edwards. Now I am on the search for white curves bottom rings....I'll dye them. Anyone?
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    Replacement Cream Pickup Rings - Edwards

    I've sanded rings before, but the other day I tried to sand CreamTone rings and messed them up. The Creamtone surface is very thick. I think that's why they were so temperamental. I have a set of montreux rings sitting around, but I'm a little trigger shy to attempt to sand them given my last...
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    Replacement Cream Pickup Rings - Edwards

    EDIT: I give up. Now I am on the search for white curved bottom rings....I'll dye them. Anyone know of a source? Greetings all. The banana pudding yellow pickup rings on my Edwards are driving me insane. I tried black rings--ugly. Does anyone make decent cream color plastics for MIJs? The...
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    HM Regrets?

    No, the seam is centered.
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    HM Regrets?

    It was. I had every intention of keeping it as a goldtop, but Kim from HM called me after stripping it and said we have to do a burst. He was right.

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