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    FUCK! My next door neighbour died today...

    Whew,... Life is sooooo very short. Usually never know when the light goes out.
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    Joe B. 58 Les Paul Custom BB Owners Thread

    Honeymoon period over and I'm still loving this beauty! Outstanding guitar, imo. Wonder if they'll ever make another run?
  3. pondcaster - My Collection anybody?

    Annnnnnnd... We're done. From here on out if I want/need to sell one, it'll be thru the MLP classified.
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    How are the new Studios? Better than the Tributes?

    ... And twice on Sundays!
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    $849 for an Epiphone Les Paul Junior?

    Bwahahaha... Saw that the other day.
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    NGD… I had to do it!

    Gosh, as much as I like goldtops and I do love them, that blue LP is just drool-worthy. Would just love to play one of those, tbh. Congratulations, hope you enjoy those in good health for many years to come!
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    NGD - Les Paul 70's Deluxe GT

    Suuuhweeeeet Deluxe, congrats & hope you enjoy in good health for many years to come. As soon as I see one of those in the wild, I'm definitely gonna try to play it, if possible. Never even held one. If you're not opposed to these types of things, please think about joining our New Originals...
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    New LP 60s question

    Sweet iced tea burst, congrats! Nice top on that one. Just one guy's opinion but that "scratch" on the side of the nut looks just like a lacquer crack that's on 4 of the six recent LPs (standards & classic) I've owned. Super common and nothing to be concerned about. Otherwise, I can't see the...
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    RIP Norm McDonald

    He was a young iconoclast, the kids got him...
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    RIP Norm McDonald

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    RIP Norm McDonald

    RIP Norm, thank you for the great memories.
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    New Here!

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    Incoming NGD

    So very, very nice! Congrats!

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