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    NGD - Does This Count as a Les Paul?

    I'm usually not into SGs but that is one sweet guitar, congrats!
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    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 59

    If it plays half as good as it looks then I'd say that one is darn near perfect. Enjoy in good health for many years to come!
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    My 2020 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s

    Sweet LP, thanks for sharing a few pics!
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    Which Marshall in a Box Pedal?

    Good advice, imo. When I was looking for MIAB type pedals and watching a bunch of YT reviews, here's what I went with and couldn't be happier. Even has the Super Lead / Super Bass (internal) switch... all & all just a great pedal. Not counting a Ditto, it's the only pedal I own.
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    Can You Believe This - Gibson Overpriced It Bigtime

    Got one. Nice clock but minute hand separated. There didn't seem to be any glue in there? Have one pic around here somewhere...
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    Average Weight of The Les Pauls on This Forum

    2019 Classic = 9lb 6oz 2019 Standard = 9lb 1oz 2018 Tribute = 8lb 2oz
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    Songs that connote #[email protected]&%* Rock & Roll

    Have to say thanks to all posters, this thread is going exactly as I hoped. Really enjoying these videos, much appreciated! Rock on.
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    Songs that connote #[email protected]&%* Rock & Roll

    Hope this isn't a total rerun thread but earlier I was listening to the ol iPod thru the 501s in the music room and this song came on... the album version and I turned it up louder than usual. Blasting, really. I must have listened to it five times in a row, just loving every note. Those lads...
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    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Sold a few Strats and Teles got these... * did end up selling the sunburst above, just didn't play it with the Flea around.
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    NGD: My first R8

    Wow. Just wow. And drool.
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    My Les Paul’s Group Photo’s

    ‘19 Classic, '19 Standard, '18 Tribute
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    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    This is my take, too. In the last couple of years I've tried/owned a decent handful. Most were from new Original Collection. Out of those, vast majority were nice LPs. Couple are outstanding instruments. A couple had some tooling marks on fretboard binding. Only one, the '11 Traditional, was a...
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    Poker chip on 2017 models

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of those who detest those who resurrect zombie-ish threads, I just wanted to thank @Kitsune for his knowledge and assistance shared above....I recently got a 2018 Tribute Goldtop and wanted to put the chip on. For me, it's just part of a Les Paul even though I...

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