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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Time for a mundane thread...

    Garbage day. Picked up around 6:30am.
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    Over Population .....and other serious topics. that you?
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    So what'cha cooking this week?

    Every year I'm pressured into making a gawd dam turkey. This year I spatchcocked (butterflied for you amateurs) a 12 pounder and making it on the Traeger. Can't be any worse than other methods's turkey.
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    greatest recording amp ever!

    I agree but I describe that tone in the video as 'shit'.
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    greatest recording amp ever!

    greatest recording amp ever! Why do people insist on making claims like this?
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    Where are all the good villains?

    Tune into the Lifetime (chick) channel. Every male character is a villain.
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    Over Population .....and other serious topics.

    When China takes over the planet it will be fixed.
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    There's gold in them thar black holes!

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    The look on David Gilmour's drummer's face....

    Must have been right before Rome was cancelled.
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    Saying goodbye....

    Whew.....thought you had to put the dog down.
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    Mick Rock RIP

    Same here.
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    Dodge Challenger/Charger end of the line 2024

    I wonder if ICE car collectors will sometime in the future, while trying to obtain fuel, be like being in a Mad Max movie
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    For you coffee hounds.. great tip on whole beans.

    Definitely go with a burr grinder. Don't even mess with a blade.
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    Major man cave / music room upgrade!

    I still say he'll regret not getting the 16 channel.

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