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    Are these Shaws?

    A 1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard would have Shaw pickups which by 1986/1987 no longer had the ink stamps.
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    Suggestions on where to get an R8/R9

    I second this.
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    What makes the reissues so good?

    Back in 1959 they were just plain standards
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    Dickey Betts current SG
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    FS: '70's Gibson T-Top Pickup Set w/Covers - Price Drop

    Can someone refresh my memory when T-Tops stopped having stickers but before ink stamps? 1975-1977???
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    What's the Norlin 1982 peghead hole size for a grover?

    What type of 1982 Gibson are we talking about?
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    Geddy Lee has a burst?

    I really think to the majority of professional musicians, guitars are just tools of the trade and they just don't buy into the hype. Gilmour summed it up best: Fender custom shop guitars are just as good. I just wish they stop with the time has come to reunite a select few of his finest...
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    The guitar is part of the Estate. If there is a Will, the language of the Will determines what happens to that guitar. If there is no Will, the Courts will decided the distribution of the Estate. Concealing a valuable Estate asset is no question a crime in both scenarios.
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    If memory serves me correctly, the first three digits indicate neck or bridge and the last digits indicate mm/yyyy
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    Would you buy an affordable reissue Norlin?

    I would buy affordable mid-1970;s Deluxe. I would definitely buy a Gibson Ls Paul Deluxe '76 Pete Townshend signature 2016 Goldtop
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I'm pretty sure that is Jimmy Sakurai.
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    52 - 59 Les Paul Conversion for Sale....1 piece top!!!!!

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    Happy new EJ sig day!

    I bought a loaded EJ body to pair with a soft V 57 neck I had to make my own version of "blackie" Just love it.