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    NGD! Traditional

    Very nice !!
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    Traditional Pick Up Change (opinions wanted)

    I love my 57's but they are set up properly. My other LP has suhr Doug Aldrich check those out if the height adjustment doesn't work.
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    NGD studio lite

    My limited don't hurt th i had the 496/500 in a classic I once had too hot for me. The 57's are great !!
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    NGD studio lite

    ive been wanting an older studio with an ebony neck for awhile. Came across this one yesterday with a head stock repair for a great price an couldn't pass it up. 95 studio lite with 57+an 57 already in it.
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    Need some guidance with my next pickups

    Suhr Doug Aldrich will get you there
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    Who loves an SG?

    I gotta cool case too.
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    Who loves an SG?

    New to me 05 standard.
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    Show Us Your Paul(s) on the Wall(s)

    How did that tele get in there!! Oh well the LP's don't mind.
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    My Very First Paul

    Nice!! I miss my 08 studio welcome to the club
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    NGD My first Gibson :)

    Man I'm happy for you!! That is my dream guitar enjoy
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    Epiphone hummingbird

    Definitely will get a good hard case. I may add a pick up an use this for gig's once I find out how well it stays in tune. So far all good.
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    Epiphone hummingbird

    I didn't see anything obvious but took it to a local music store an got it checked out. Clean bill of health except for a bushing on one tuning key. New strings an set up now good to go. Just got lucky
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    NGD 2013 Traditional

    HBD beautiful LP