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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    That is a NICE looking guitar!
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    The Les Paul is MORE versatile than you think

    The Holy Triumvirate...
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    A Gibson Les Paul in 1959 retailed for $265. According to an inflation calculator I used, that's $2486 today. Gibson lists a 60s Standard at $2499. Whether that really corresponds to a $13 price bump over the past 62 years, adjusted for inflation, I can't say. You'd probably have to ask an...
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    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    I've only owned four. I still have the '94 Standard, but I've modded it a lot and had it repainted. I have a 2019 satin Les Paul Classic. It has a big old fat neck, and I still prefer the neck on the '94. Ive had and traded or sold a 2008 Standard and a 2008 Traditional.
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    Trying to figure out what Gibson color this is

    Nice! Congrats on your gorgeous guitar!
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    1st Time Refinishing

    Congrats! That looks great, first refinish or not.
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    Refinish is Back

    There are a few spots on the binding I'm going to go back and scrape. As for the confidence, I've changed so much on that guitar already. It's a tool. I know that sounds crass to some ears here, but if it doesn't feel or look right, I'm gonna change it. That said, I'm not dumb! If this was a...
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    Got my first LES PAUL!

    Whoa nice! I'm happy for you!
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    Refinish is Back

    I wonder if that's because mine was solid colors all around and not a burst finish. That said, is the cherry type finish you want a burst?
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    What is "it" for you....?

    My '94 Standard is it, but it took a lot of work to get there. I replaced the pick-ups twice, because the stock 490R/498T did not sound good to me at all. Their output was around 8K and 13 (yes) K. I moved through a set of Seymour Duncans, and then a set of Zhangbuckers. (Duanebucker in the...
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    Refinish is Back

    Thanks Brek. The burst was just a little too orange for me. I really like how this one turned out.
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    Refinish is Back

    @Phillycheez402 $300 here: Really nice folks down in Sedalia, MO. That's only about an hour and fifty minutes from the sprawling metropolis that is Platte City! :)
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    Refinish is Back

    My 94 plain burst was pretty beat up, so I had it refinished. I was looking for a bit darker green, but I'm happy with how it turned out! It is ding free, and my prediction is that will last a day or so. :) Before and after.
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    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    The guy doing my refinish shoots clear coat this weekend. Two weeks or so to cure then buffing, then reassembly.
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    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    I have a '94 HCSB in for a refinish - olive top over black sides and back. The burst on this one was too orangey. We'll see how it turns out!

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