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    Real nitro?

    And parts is parts.
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    2016 CSH R8 VOS

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    NGD...2013 R0, the Catalog guitar

    Good lord! I don't think I could play them, I'd just stare.:drool:
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    NGD 60th R9 Cherry Teaburst

    Flames and character:thumb:
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    NGD: 60th 1959 Gibson Les Paul in Southern fade w Indian fretboard

    Very beautiful color, front and back!
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    Tom Murphy odd finding

    Whatever it is it's hot!
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    NGD Les Paul Traditional

    Good amps to play it through to boot!
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    NGD: 2020 Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Beautiful, stunning guitar. Looks perfect aside from the strap button area damage. Was wondering where you were located when you said it was -12F! I'm in MN, 40 felt like beach weather here the other day.
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    Some Flame for Friday!

    Knew this thread would not disappoint!
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    Pardon all the photos? :rofl:
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    Some Flame for Friday!

    2016 R8
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    For sale: Greer Cam 18 combo, price reduced

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, still here.
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    For sale: Greer Cam 18 combo, price reduced

    Take me to the top
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    NGD: 2017 Gibson R8

    Very nice guitars. R8's are awesome!

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