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    Plain Top Question

    Here's my vintage '59 'burst, which, as you can see, has plenty of (small) mineral deposits and streaks. Although when new, 60 years ago, many of those "imperfections" would have been hidden by a deep red burst. So yes, the one you posted above certainly could have come from the Gibson factory...
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    REAL 1959 les Paul

    Very cool! Looks like your father keeled over from the excitement! ;) Frank
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    Gibson wants your Les Paul!

    A high ranking Gibson official was heard to have said: "Hell yes, we're going to buy back your Les Pauls, your SGs!" :naughty: ...which is good, because I was thinking of posting many of mine here in the classifieds anyway. :thumb: Frank
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    2019 NFL Regular Season

    I'll agree with you with regard to the defense, although they haven't really been tested yet. But the jury is still out on the offense. Their offensive weapons seem to be dropping like flies lately, unfortunately. Frank
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    Great movie; my wife and I saw it at the movie theater and really enjoyed it. Frank
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    2019 NFL Regular Season

    I like your optimism! :rofl: Frank
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    Dodge Challenger....thoughts???

    I absolutely love my '17 Challenger (Hellcat), and if I were in the market today, I'd buy another...although I'd get the widebody, instead, which wasn't available yet when I bought mine. The car is not only a beast and a blast to drive, but it's extremely roomy and comfortable. In fact, it's...
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Congrats on the new P938! I came very close to buying one, myself, until I discovered the P365, which I love. But I'm sure I would have been quite happy with the 938 as well. Enjoy! Frank
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    Need advise. Experience with BMWs

    We love our BMWs, but always unload them at around 80K because things...and they tend to be expensive things...start to break down at around that point. We've had some experience with this, and have read about many others having major and expensive issues starting around that point. Oh, BTW...
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    I use a laser cartridge for practice all the time, and find that it really helps. And it's fun, too! I bought these, but G-Sight makes them, too, along with others: There are apps that you can get...
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    WTB: 59 RI Korina V or Explorer

    Would you consider a high end replica? Frank
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    Summer Philly?

    I wasn't at the summer show. I've only been to the summer show once, and decided it wasn't worth going to again. I expect that the fall show should be a lot better, and am planning on going to that one. Frank
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