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    hiding gear for a friend

    Nope. But a buddy of mine lent me his entire guitar collection once, and wouldn't you know it, silly me lost it all in a tragic boating accident. Frank
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    Social Distancing Mascot

    He's a cutie! But I thought for sure that you got yourself one of these, instead: Frank
  3. Stairlift 3.jpg

    Stairlift 3.jpg

  4. Stairlift 2.jpg

    Stairlift 2.jpg

  5. Stairlift 1.jpg

    Stairlift 1.jpg

  6. Glass Shade Crack 2.jpg

    Glass Shade Crack 2.jpg

  7. Glass Shade Crack.jpg

    Glass Shade Crack.jpg

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    Build Thread - Travel Guitar

    Wow, looking awesome! As a fan of small guitars, I'm following this thread with great interest. Keep up the great work! Frank
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    2020 Cars are Fugly

    That's what I got (the "S" model) back in November, and I absolutely love it, although over the past couple of months I've hardly used it at all. Here's mine, the day I picked it up from the dealer: Frank
  10. Pendant Light Shade 2.jpg

    Pendant Light Shade 2.jpg

  11. Pendant Light Shade 1.jpg

    Pendant Light Shade 1.jpg

  12. EDC X9L 1000.jpg

    EDC X9L 1000.jpg

  13. EDC X9L 800.jpg

    EDC X9L 800.jpg

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    I just saw on the news that he just made his first public appearance in weeks. No other details available, but he may actually still be alive...unfortunately. Frank
  15. Laura's necklaces.jpg

    Laura's necklaces.jpg

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