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    Luthier Tools, Materials, Parts and Supplies for Sale (or wanted)

    I thought this was a good excuse to revive this old thread. In case anyone in the world still has a VCR tape player, and could use any of these tapes, I'd happily send these (prefer to send them all to one place) to you for free (CONUS only, please): If interested, either PM me, or email me...
  2. Luthier VCR Tapes.jpg

    Luthier VCR Tapes.jpg

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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Good price, but judging by the reviews, sounds like lousy ammo. I thought this review kinda summed up most peoples' opinions: "If .22 LR gets scarce, it's better than nothing, but not by much." Frank
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    What do you mean the Glaciers are still there????

    Wouldn't it be cool if as the glaciers melted, some previously extinct giant creatures woke from their deep freeze and roamed the earth again? I'm guessing there are already movies depicting that scenario already. Frank
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Tell me about it! Not a single Colt revolver is listed on the MA approved firearms roster, although they did get a few semi's approved on the target roster. Quite a few companies don't want to bother going through the process of making special firearms that meet all of the MA regulations, go...
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    I'd love to get one of these! But since I live in the Commiewealth of Mass o' two sh!ts, one of three states where these guns will not be available, it may be a while before I can legally acquire one. I did hear a rumor, though, that Colt may be trying to get the 6" model approved on the Mass...
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    NDZ Pinky Extension.png

  8. P210 Replacement Recoil Assy.jpg

    P210 Replacement Recoil Assy.jpg

  9. P365 w:SAS Slide 4.jpg

    P365 w:SAS Slide 4.jpg

  10. P365 w:SAS Slide.jpg

    P365 w:SAS Slide.jpg

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    P365 w:SAS Slide 3.jpg

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    A look at how Gib factory does pore filler..

    PhotoPhuckit would be the reason. Frank
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    2020 Les Paul Build

    I'm not sure that I'd trust the radius of frets, unless they were in pristine, original condition. I, for one, use a 12" radius block when leveling frets, so of course, I end up with a 12" radius on my frets! Frank
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    2020 Les Paul Build

    I think it's quite possible. It would seem to fit with my findings. Frank
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    2020 Les Paul Build

    Ok, I have some limited info based on a very limited sample size of one guitar. I didn't/couldn't use a '59 'burst for measurement purposes because: 1) I no longer own #9 1152, but that guitar was refretted at one point anyway, with additional work done to the fingerboard, I'm sure; and 2) '59...