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    Now $995!!! - 2007 Gibson Les Paul DC Pro Doublecut with AAA Flame Maple Top

    Hi, what condition are the frets in? And does this have the stock pots and pickups (BBS)?
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    Traditional...What is your preferred year? Why?

    He said he didnt want the inlay (2014) or zero fret nut (2015).
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    Traditional...What is your preferred year? Why?

    Get a 2017. Very close to historic spec, nylon nut, etc.
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    How about the Eastman guitars, not MIJ but MIC?

    The current MIC Eastman semi hollow 335-style guitars are amazing. Play great, look great, sound great, and the higher end ones (I think) have split parallelogram inlays like a Gibby. IMO they are 90% of the Gibson equivalent for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost (depending on New or Used, respectively). have...
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    ALL USED Les Pauls Going Up 7-10%!

    Then how do you figure that taxes are theft exactly?
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    Best Way to Purchase New Les Paul

    Ask for the assistant manager and tell him you’ll sign up for their Gear Card and finance it if he gives you 15% off. If he says no then settle for 10%.?
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    A guitar comfortable for strapping high, closest to that LP feel/tone

    Yamaha Revstar RS820, Guild Bluesbird.
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    All Solid Wood Acoustics Under $500

    Breedlove Concert Satin E MH LTD is an all solid wood mahogany for right around $500
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    Traditional 50s neck and rounded

    ^ this
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    1x10 cab speaker cutout question

    Now I just need a small head 15-25w or so.
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    1x10 cab speaker cutout question

    Pretty good, I think? Thanks
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    Les Paul Custom quandary

    It sounds like you just want to buy it to flip.
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    Using Craigslist I have re-valued my guitar collection and...

    It’s the Same with pedals. Somehow people think their 3 $50 pedals, when sold in a lot, are suddenly worth $300.00
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    Marc Bolan’s gold top with P90s ...?

    Does anyone know the history of this guitar, like when Marc got it, started playing it and stopped playing it? I don’t think it’s the same as his #1 Standard, since the T. Rex “Brown album” pre-dates this video.