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    Focusrite 2i4 $129.97

    Audio interface. Nice snag! I have a 2i2.
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    Strat repair. What would you do?

    Why not simply replace the body? It doesn't seem to be a vintage guitar.
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    Agape Guitars thread. Hi there!

    Oh, nothing. Just drooling over some cool guitars.
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    Game of Thrones

    So we're told, anyway.
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    The movie version of "Thinner" was bad.
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    Newb with a 2005 Epi LP Custom (white)

    We need pictures.
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    fake lp on craigslist

    And technically, he doesn't say it's a Gibson, he says it's a Gibson copy, which it is. A bad one.
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    12-string SG?

    Thank you for your fine forensic work. My curiosity is fulfilled. :)
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    12-string SG?

    Anyone have a clue whose 12-string SG this is on display at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe? I couldn’t get close enough to read the plaque.
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    Ace Frehley of KISS owned Strings and Things '59 Les Paul from 1975!!!

    Don't be ridiculous. Don't you know Ace is 12 feet tall?
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    Anybody Enjoy Reading Sci-Fi?

    I love to read AND write SF. In fact, I don't mean to spam your thread, but you might enjoy the SF anthology I just published, which happens to be on an introductory price of 50% off the normal price of $1.99 right now. I'd invite you to check it out for just .99 -- 10 stories by 10 authors...
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    Would you amputate one of your legs below the knee for a million dollars?

    You guys who would freely lose a body part for money are full of ****. I lost two toes on my right foot a couple of years ago because of an infection from an injury. It was the hardest thing I ever did just to say yes to the surgery.
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    who agrees with me?

    Bite my sack. Without the Beatles none of the other later bands would have ever come to be. Elvis? Not a songwriter. Chuck? Not a songwriter. It was a time of 1,4,5 blues progressions mixed toth sped-up country riffs. The Beatles changed EVERYTHING. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you...
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    Favourite Vocalist/ Front man?

    I'm sure he would. I first heard him, however, singing the role of Jesus on the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. Apart from a few bits of "Highway Star" on Machine Head, nothing else equals some of the incredible vocal pyrotechnics the guy pulled off on "The Temple."...
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    Favourite Vocalist/ Front man?

    Dave Grohl. Oh, and a lot of the guys you people have mentioned.

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