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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Currently SD APH-2's in my standard, Stock tradbuckers in my trad pro, might consider swapping them for something else but idk. That's all for me these days.
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    NGD 2019 LP Trad Pro V

    Enjoy man. The neck alone made me fall in love with mine, and it is surprisingly built well compared to other Gibsons I've had which is surprising considering theyre"lower end models"... hahahahaha psssh
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    Musician Hoping To Find Stolen LP From Show

    Great point. Nothing wrong with a quality epiphone
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    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    Playability is ultra important. To that point, I spend nearly 3grand on a guitar vs I spend under 2, and it's the same brand, but a "lesser model", if folks get wrapped up in that then that's the problem. I could give 2 fucks what brand a guitar is. Make the motherfucker sing. There are...
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    2021 Les Paul Classic or Standard.

    My fucking trad pro v is my #1... also have a newer standard 50s, but, the playability isnt the same (for me)
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    Replacing pickups, please assist

    So, new to soldering, but I can pretty much figure anything out. Trying to simply swap picks ups in a standard with modern wiring. Why am I having so much difficulty getting the existing pickups out? Any tips? Thanks
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    Gold & Silver headstock decals hmmm

    I was just worried I was going to open this and see someone found stick on decals to go over the existing logo
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    My math counts 7? My math tallies 7?
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    Advice on 60's neck Les Paul

    Personally I love the trad pro V neck
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    Can somebody help me identify this wiring pattern?

    Okay so I'm going to swap out these BB pickups for SD APH-2s, pretty new to this but I'll figure it out. I'm assuming, based on diagrams and the look of the new pickups this would be standard wiring single conductor? What I'm showing is stock currently
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    Anybody else notice...

    I wonder when that change started lol
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    Anybody else notice...

    What exactly does AA and AAA stand for? Lol
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    1st Time Refinishing

    Fuck dude that looks badass
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    November Burst and Bourbon Burst Are they the same?

    I like the one that plays the best
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    Refinish is Back

    No, I want a flat out cherry finish - no burst And that was their estimate before they even asked what I wanted...

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