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    Epiphone Black Beauty 3 Wiring Question

    RAVEN!!! What's up bro! Missed you guys too. All is good over here...changes but everything 's lovely. Hope the same for you and yours!!!
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    Epiphone Black Beauty 3 Wiring Question

    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've posted. Real quick, I want to say hi to my buddies that I haven't spoken to in years! Anyway, I have a Black Beauty 3. Great guitar with great tones. However, I've upgraded the pickups, but I've come to a stumbling block. On my other LP's, I've...
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    Hughes & Kettner Tubeman (1st Gen)

    So, I really don't use this pedal at all anymore. Taking best offers, but I'd like to get $125 for it. The AC adapter is not the original (damaged at a gig).
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    Pedal Trade!

    I'd like to possibly trade this for a delay...Carl Martin, TC Electronics (4 knob) let me know...
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    FS: Fulltone OCD V3 Rico Signed Pedal, Near Mint Condition

    Pics of the serial number??? And of the pedal?
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    Question for 56GT Owners

    Thanks guys!
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    NGD!! 1981 MIJ Emperor Thinline

    Gorgeous guitars Brian(s)!!!
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    FS: Arc Effects Klon Klone V1

    Up for sale is my Klon Klone. It's a version 1. Great pedal, it is. But it's just not for me. So, it's up for adoption. Guys, it's in mint condition. Asking $160 shipped and Paypal.
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    Question re: Les Paul Elitist

    Seems like there were varying truss rod covers...OR owners just swapped them out for another.
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    Question re: Les Paul Elitist

    Is this what you're referring to?
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    Question for 56GT Owners

    Hey guys. Hope everyone is well. I have a question for those who own 56GT's...or any heavy Epi Les Paul. My MIK 56GT weighs in close to 10lbs. No complaints, but it is definitely the heaviest LP I've owned...even heavier than my BB3. Is that normal? Do any of yours weigh in on the heavy side?
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    FS: Celestion Vintage 30 4 ohm

    UNIT IS SOLD! Please remove!
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    FS: Celestion Vintage 30 4 ohm

    I thought I'd post this here as well as eBay. In case any of you need a really nice speaker, I have this 4 ohm Vintage 30. It's only blemish is the tear on the label. But it's all original, including it's cone. And it's made in Ipswich, so it's the real deal. Members here can buy it here for...
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    NGD: Gold Fever!

    Thanks mate!
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    NGD: Gold Fever!

    Got this in a trade. I always wanted a '56 Goldie w/ P-90's. Now, I have match made in heaven. God I love P-90's.

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