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    DO YOU KNOW THIS p90 ??

    I looked into this myself a few years ago. I even bought the wire to make the coil. I remember reading it should ideally be about 20cm diameter or so. This would work fine in a semihollowbody where you would have more space to work with. But in a strat or LP, the space in the control cavity...
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    Are there ebony fretboards on japanese vintage guitars?

    Tobacco bursts were not that common. There was a violin burst that was kind of unique for Greco and probably my favourite Greco finish. I had an 82 EGC that I thought was an 800 but I am sure it had an ebony board. My current Greco EGC 1000 is from 1980 and definitely has an ebony board...
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    Wolfetone's Whopping 25% Off Sale Until Further Notice

    Is Wolfe not responding to anyone else on here? Have sent 2 emails over the past month with no response...
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    The new verbs in the latest firmware are a pretty big improvement. My recommendation is to build a preset from scratch. Then grab a bunch of IRs and load them up and play a few notes/chords. There will be IRs that will suddenly make the preset feel more alive. The IR part of the equation...
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    Some new MIJ ES-335s (Argus and Burny)

    One of those short lived brands that didn't last long but was pretty high end and now sought after...
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    NGD: Greco EGF-850 1980 Refinish

    From what I understand, doing a veneer right is tricky...
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    For those who have tried all/most MIJ Les Pauls

    I prefer a totally natural top over a white custom. My Greco came to me already stripped and my attempts at mimicking a violin burst failed but I like seeing the wood grain over just plain white. I think the Cult guitarist does this with his customs. In terms of best one, I have had Burny...
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    NGD: 2020 LP '59 Reissue Dirty Lemon

    Trus rod adjustment? Otherwise, raise the bridge... If neither of those 2 things work then some people get a fret dress to shave down the upper frets...
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    Best MIJ Les Paul Custom 1954 R4 Reissue (P-90s)?

    I had a Navigator Custom. (Not the '54 one). It was an amazing guitar with a very thick neck. Wish I had held on to it. I think you will struggle to get something with a mahogany top and ebony board with a fat neck. I think Burny had a few mahog customs but they didn't have fat necks...
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    The Unofficial Official Anything Bacchus/Momose/Deviser Theory, Photo & ID Thread!

    Did you msg them in english ? I have sent 2 or 3 emails now with no response.
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    Crews Maniac Sound Guitars Thread

    If you are good with tools or have carpenter friends, you could probably mod it for a bridge pickup.
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    The Unofficial Official Anything Bacchus/Momose/Deviser Theory, Photo & ID Thread!

    Ah, maybe that is why there isn't much stuff coming up on YJ these days. People are holding on to them. It also might explain why they didn't answer my email asking about getting a set of their P90 pickups.
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    Is there a Japanese version of the ES-Les Paul?

    I would be tempted to put a bridge pickup and a bigsby on that. I haven't seen many posts on here about these guitars but I have had a look at a few of their semi-hollows and they look pretty good. Does anyone on here have one?
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    Tutorial on Japanese guitar auctions and importing?

    So is there a general consensus on who is good to use currently?
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    Any differences in tone when/after you had your guitar re-finished?

    The guitar in my avatar was partially refinished. I never heard how it sounded prior though. It originally was supposed to be a nitro finished Greco but their nitro had lots of plasticisers in it. The top and neck had been sanded by a prior owner. I refinished with a nitro sanding sealer and...

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