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    Firebird pickups that fits in and looks like a p90?

    I sort of want to do the reverse of Neil Young with the firebird in the neck. I want it to look cosmetically the same as a P90 though. So I guess the question is if I can fit a firebird pickup under the plastic p90 cover? If that works, I can always add some fake screws. I might ask the...
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    Firebird pickups that fits in and looks like a p90?

    I have a 54 style goldtop copy that I hate the original pickups in. The guitar itself is super resonant and plays well. I was thinking of putting a firebird in the neck and different p90 in the bridge. Does anyone do a "stealth" firebird pickup that would work in this situation?
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    Steely Dan Les Paul Special Jam

    Original pickups in it?
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    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    Imagine time traveling and bringing him to the present. Plopping him down with a room full of modern gear. Giving him 100 of the best albums to listen to from after he died. See what he comees up with...
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    Greco chambered?!?

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    10" speakers for modeling amps

    What is it called?
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    I sold mine and have regretted it since. Had always thought I would pickup one in the colour I wanted. Now I don't think the new ones are made in Japan and they don't have rosewood fretboards but they are still charging almost the same. Prick move on their part.
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    10" speakers for modeling amps

    There are full range drivers you can buy that people use for home stereos. I thought about buying one a few times. The issue might be the flat response part. But getting a truly flat response probably also has to do with the cabinet design. The more I look into the FRFR thing, I don't get...
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    Tokai 57 PAF pickups

    Is it the same as the ES100s from that era? (ie. There were Jazz and Rock versions of the HBs). I would try a degaussed A3 in the neck and an A2 in the bridge.
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    Inflation has reached guitar gear, how long will it last?

    In Australia prices have always been a little high but recently I have seen some crazy prices on used MIJ Fender strats and teles. Like 1500 Aus when they should be around 600-900. For some reason no one has jumped on my Bacchus classic special which is cheaper than 1500. The Japan auctions...
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    Boss IR-200

    I looked at this too. I wish they had an IR / Interface only version. I don't remember Boss being that great for amp simulation and the pedal is pretty expensive. Almost makes more sense to spend a little more and get a Hx Stomp or Headrush MX5
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    COVID (Used) Price Madness

    The OP was talking specifically about used prices. It is not only Gibsons that have gone up in the used market.
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    Looking for a es-335 blank body kit, recommendations?

    They used to be fairly close to the originals but now they use body shapes and headstocks that are not the same because Gibson hassled them at some point. Also, the cost is pretty high. There are so many good MIJ options out there. The main thing would be if you wanted something with mini...
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    COVID (Used) Price Madness

    I have seen the same thing happen in Australia with both houses and guitars. There are corporations buying up real estate now. Some of them are doing it for foreign buyers in places like China, Singapore etc. They just get an Aussie to be the head of the corporation and it doesn't appear as...
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    I live in Australia and my family is in Canada. But somehow the private courier costs are less to Canada. I thought EMS was not shipping to Australia because we limited all flights severely. I think EMS relies on cargo space on flights instead of sending their own cargo planes. Aren't...

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