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    1969 Les Paul Professional Value?

    Do you still have it available for sale?
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    Echo Park Guitars Building Gibson’s Now

    Well maybe that will increase the price of our old gibson guitars, but for new I'm not sure I would buy any more.
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    Gibson Les Paul Professional?

    LP Professionals were not built till 1969
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    1969 Les Paul Professional Value?

    Do you still have this guitar?
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    "Why do you have so many guitars?"

    2017 Les Paul Custom - Walnut 2015 Les Paul Deluxe - Goldtop 2004 Les Paul Custom - Wine 2010 Les Paul Standard - Desert 1994 American Fender Tele - Black blonde neck 1969 Strat Custom shop Relic Time Machine series - 2005 Black blonde neck Need to pick up some vintage.
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    The Heaviest Les Paul?

    my first LP was a LP Professional 1971, and it was over 11 lbs. wish i still had it :)
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    Do You Prefer Your Les Pauls Worn or in Mint Condition

    Natural ware all the way.
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    New Information About Gibson's Lack of Quality Control

    I ordered a 2017 LP Custom - Walnut. The finish and everything about the guitar is absolutely perfect.

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